Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Sepulchre Saterday, 2006...Belated Condolences: Reverend Coffin was a classmate of my progenitor at preparatory school. Fighting for Peace takes the radicals early. Their peace is Perfect now. Yes, i saw the Pointer Sisters at the peak of their fame and popularity...i am truly sad their beautiful Voices have been diminished by one fourth. J musta needed a choir leader for His on=going Easter services...These^ children provide Miraculous countre-point on the Werld as it is!  As for the other un=named victims of Tornadoes or War or othre more gentle Takings: They are appointed to a general Purpose we cannot yet Apprehend. But, the G of our G wanted them joined in that Grander plan; they are serving the mysterious unfolding of all good things. AND that is just as it should be. RESURRECTION SOON! Monday, April 17, 2006...What a gorgeous Day to do either yard=werk OR taxes. Unless one is preoccupied with more Astounding matters! Yesterday~i had the most excellent dinner @ Cat's manour with the cats & the kids & Rocky's boy=friend & the most entertaining mutual friend of the Fambly, Jane. Blade helped with the fruit salad and probly the green salad; Cat cooked the wonderful Ham with green beans, potatoes au gratin, crescent rolls AND cheesy=meaty=ziti. [the Ziti is their recent addition to the tradition...and i liked it.] For afters, we Seven (7) partook of Jane's WALNUT brownies with ALMOND vanilla ice creme & chocolate syrup warshed down with actual decaf coffee. It's a good thing the Lord had already risen acause it was a fine indulgence all=to! And One (1) of the Best dinner parties i have most recently attended. {i go where i am invited and contribute most Fully...}  The left=coasters also had a schmall but Perfect Paschal repast from what i heard. The COLONEL and his BRIDE fed GROPER, CHELLY & JAY=JAY many middle-eastern delicacies centred around the flesh of Lamb. Which is in many ways, the more enduring tradition of celebrating the Rising of Our Good Shepherd---to eat fine food as He enjoyed it from the Stable to the Tomb in memory of that most gentle life & its certain Victory! Communion!Eucharist! Coming down to us from the manna which G provided for MOSES and his company...Blessings on You who celebrated the Day & Season: this werk of peace has just begun. Glory. ~pslac~


slacbacmac said...

An Additional belated Condolence 4 one of our own Glowers:
PAM of OneGirl'sHeadNoise is Transiting with Billy Coffin & June
Pointer...i'll bet Pam is schtill keeping an Angelic jernal...
~Author~ with tearful smooches**

sunflowerkat321 said...

Pam showed such strength....and left us with what we need to face this sad time.

Her glow lives and guides the way.

I think one very happy holiday was celebrated by Slac and family...
As it should be!!!

With love -

deabvt said...

Hugs, slac.

slacbacmac said...

Cyclical Agreement, Vince & Kat>>
It's the Rising Up which calls our Attention
as the Flowres also return to Life & Love...
PAM is now an Advocate of such^

gdireneoe said...

((((S))))  I'm late to this entry (doing catch up today).  Glad you had a wonderful celebration.  Ours was most decidedly non-traditional this year.  It was a wonderful day, yes...but I missed all the things you've mentioned.  Pam will most def always be a glower for sure now...;)  C.   http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

slacbacmac said...

{forgifness on the Belled One>}
And a Happy coming=up MOM's Day to you & yours
*smooch* ~author~


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