Saturday, January 28, 2006


27 January, 2006...

Notes & Quotes:

"...and what else can I buy, so

on me you'll rely? A brand new

thermometre too..." -Navin Johnson


"Flirting, laughter, Painting, family," -Lal, DATA's

daughter. STNG: The Offspring^


Heard=Over @ a Doctor's office:

"We Had an blew up."


A frequent Question from the

Engineer: "Did I say that out loud?"

Thotful Answer: "Yes, you did. But

No=body was listening & you didn't

mean it anyway." Veritas...


Heard in the morning on College Radio:

"Black cloud crossed my Mind, Blue

mist 'round my Soul; feel so suicidal,

even hate my roc'n'rol..." -John Lennon,

Yer Blues, the WHITE ALBUM.

"We can't grow up; we're too old now..."

-source unknown [Lou Reed?]-


"Giordi, tell me about...Tasha Yar."

-Guinan. STNG: Yesterday's Enterprise^

Title: The Profitable Afternoon

Mode: running & shredding

Milieu: a café in the west end

Noise: bustling conversations

Ratio: lemons per libation--0.25/3

Thot: "The pierogies came with ketchup;

i asked Beth if i could have some Sour

Cream...she was not at all stunned."


As often happens with some Regularity,

the Engineer and i made progress in the

Process. We made some werk, took a

nice Lunch, then werkt some more. The

only person more busy than ourselves was

the gentleman in a full blue mini=van with

a busted front left tire. [We pray he came

to a good middle.] The engineer and i

cannot charge each other 4 the Therapy

we undertake to=gethre; it's a Barter

off=trade with consistent ongoing benefits.

{Plus+, i can hardly redeem & remit fully

all the times i Rapped him on the skull.}

And being that we are such sympathetic

CoAdvocates...much more of our Joined

action(s) will come to good. Presently^

28 January, 2006...Nice day to Roast

marsh=mallows in the Neighbourhood...

There's just been a small fire down the

street, but it looks like our loyal Responders got to it in time. Thank G~i'm unaccustomed to this level of Xcitement. Someone else to Pray for before the sun goes down...


floralilia said...

the world is in good hands with you on our side grasshopper.

deabvt said...

"The pierogies came with ketchup;

slacbacmac said...

i am behind of much...but pierogies with VINEGAR are an
Anathema to this grass=hopper... Appreciata all=to>>


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