Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Happy Chinese New Year! One and All!

{i often get the worst of it when the Year of the

Dog rolls around...because Astrology describes me

as either a desert Spidre OR an equine Hominid}

I'm all for America switching to a lunar calendar;

certain annual & angular events might go Easier...

Biblical parafrase: "Birds have nests & Foxes have

dens & grundsaus have lodges; yet the Son of Man

has no place in this werld to lay down his weary,

aching head." He wasn't Elected, but Chosen^

Monday, 30 January, 2006...YOUR Sports & Political

REPORT: Apparently, it is more important for the

governeurs of certain States to make BETS about

food=schtuffs & pompadours than to realistically Pay

attention to the needs of their constituents. Nowhere

is this more blatant than in Penn's Woods AS my good

friend, Edward, is trying 2 deflect the next & best

Constitutional Convention from blundering even more

badly into the remaining election cycle. Make your bets

and Take your bets, but the citizen/residents have NOT

forgotten the pay=grab Nor the force-feeding of slot

machines down their unadvised gullets. Ben Franklin

would be appalled, even if he is three hundred (300)

years old. More=over, Our Change of 'Representation'

is both inexorable & long overdue...Regardless of how

many football games are played in the mean=time.

NATIONALLY, there are some interesting items

unrelated to the Bowl=Super...Cindy Sheehan is

considering a run 4 the Senate. She's skipping a bunch

of steps, of course, but many others have done the same.

Hillary Rodham is actively banging out a PLATFORM to

schtand on if & when She runs 4 President; sorry to say,

We already have a woman President...Geena Davis.

(personally, the thot of Bill Clinton going back to the

White House to re=decorate makes my hair itch.)

Mean=while, Right of Centre: Judge Alito is visiting

his tailor for a brand new robe & Alan Greenspan is

cleaning out his desk. [imagine the ensuing confusion

if these two bumpt into each other & accidently

switched PDAs!] I kid & rant about such things becos

my opinion hasn't been solicited since North & Noriega

wanted to know what i thot about Grenada. *shhh*

There are more & better things 2 ramble about BUT all

my natural adherents have moved to blogspot on

Account of the odiferous BANNER ADS. Seems like

only yester=day when Glowers had fair control of their

bright & beautiful pages. OH Well~i can play the Dog

with the dish=towel 4 a few more WEEKS @ least.

Blog/Glow about this entry?? youbetcha...



louf48 said...

Chill on the politicos!  They need to have some fun too.

deabvt said...

That`s why we call him "Fast Eddie"!

slacbacmac said...

Agreement>>WE should all have such Fun or be so Slick...
Yet: These are the Conditions which Pre=vail   ~AUTHOR~

karynetaylor said...

Did the ads change the all of AOL Journal Land, or was it changing before the ads came along?

it just ISN'T the same anymore.

maybe I'm depressed.

does AOL have any idea what they've done???

sad K

deabvt said...

And Mozart is 250!!


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