Monday, January 9, 2006


January 07, 2006 which might've been

a Saterday in the 3rd EPOCH...i'll have

to check the Periodic Table of Elements.

i get no points 4 avoiding controversy...

such as that which surrounds Letterman

and O'Reilly [neither of whose Programs

i watch with any regularity] OR the new

show featuring Aidan Quinn. (I'm schtill

wondering why they took the Arcadian

Joan off the air.) PERHAPS, it is better to get religion & politix in different venues from television or the Web; this is a theory which there will be heard much of. *wince*  Anyway~i was clearing out my mailbox [the virtual one] and deleting forgotten addresses from various sources, when it schtruck me that i have been remiss of hanging with my regular line=on friends.  Apologia! Depart me not, for i am in need of natural correction in this Aspect.

- - -e=mail/comments/links- - -*pause*

January 09, 2006...could be Mondé...

Never mind~i like it when my in=box is

in the low 20s. And i am glad to receive

the small fotoes from Groper & JayJay.

Truly. Now, all i need to do is clean up my Page out=lay. [maniacal slaclafter] Of the else, you'll just hafta Read the deep...and continue 2 ignore these bollox banners^





sunflowerkat321 said...

Depart you?!?!?  NEVER!!


gdireneoe said...

NEVAH EVAH HON'!  You are a positive wonder=ment here.  Hehehe on the "bolox". ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

{Appreciata>>i was being specious & speculatif^}
The belled one has made a fine ANAGRAM: Noh, Have Haven!

deabvt said...



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