Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Monday, 02 January, 2006...IF yesterday was a Holiday AND today was a day off, what will Tomorrow be?


Feeling: a little down, like cold wet goose=feathres...

Videre: there is no Fugitive marathon...

Listening: [soft rock @ the laundromat]

Agranma: i pad molt, mad polit, dam pilot...

Puxxle: i forgot to put in one lettre! 99%

Text: My beans are a bit crispy. Other than that, it's a fine Big=Ace Bad=Ace Chili. Tuesday, 03 January, 2006... The green=ghost did not pass inspexion yesterday. On account of the rusty leaf springs & the dilapidated bumper bushings. And othre serious problems. Perhaps the good folx @ MTV would like to DIP MY PRIME! And lend me a truck in the meantime so i can sally forth. Who on the Inter=Web needs a twenty-nine year old AMERICAN sedan that was once driven by a little old lady to cherch on Sundays? [my paternal grand=mother, organist nonpareil] Ah~facetious conjectures...would that i were not serious. Thereyago. She took me evrywhere i needed to go.  ^ ^ ^the pause in prolog two^ ^ ^


bbalderdash said...

oh say it isn't true slac..

not the green ghost!!

bbalderdash said...

(yes, tis me my glorious balderdash cognito...~flora)

deabvt said...

Yikes, slac! Has the Green given up the Ghost?
Say it ain`t so!

slacbacmac said...

For Now~she holds forth in the Garage, with rusty
Under=Pinnings...more 2 follo>>>


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