Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Monday, January 10, 2005

7:05:19 PM...progress report~

[slac posits a previously unpublisht

Hospital report, 15-Jan-06:]

Doctor H. called me this

morning to tell me that Hane

was lethargic. He suspects

the carbon diox is building up

again but can't test for it.

Oh, well.

I walked over to /hospital/ and she

perked up for me...all the nurses

were wishing her a Happy B'day.

She ate almost half her lunch

and all the chocolate pudding

that Suzanne [nutritionist] made

her special 4 the Day. Hane was

too tired to do physical therapy

for Gretchen but i told her to

try again tomorrow.

Rose Mary called her sister @

1218 and they talked. No,

really! They spoke with each

other. Bimmy came by about

one o'clock & sent me to the

cafeteria for my lunch...the

food is nay so bad for people

who can carry their own tray.

[it's a hospital joke^]

I gave our nursing home

apps 2 the case managers.

Aide Yahiara [a lovely spanish

girl] helped Hane into her chair

about 4 PM where Hane had

her dinner [beef mush, pureed

apple=crisp & more pudding.]

She has a very good appetite

for a hard case. And no

especial aspirations of her

thickened fluids. At about

6 PM, Kim two=stepped the

birthday girl back into bed.

Such a day! And having to

suffer the ministrations of her

idiot son! {me}

There you have & thus it goes.

I bumped into our neighbor @

home and filled him in...

Encouraging them to visit the

declining patient while Time

allows. Might brighten her up

for days or weeks...OR~as i

like 2 say when i am occasionally

caught in a sheet=box,"90 days,

Same as Cash."

Note: old movie musicals are

curative & stimulating.

January 11, 2005...

Lisa, the social werker, is

hunting up a bed @ /nursinghome/

or /nursinghome/ for a possible transfer

tomorrow [Wednesday]. Hane was

not especially bright today but the

nurses & aides made sure of her

comfort & that she ate her

break=fast. And some lunch.

I helped nurse Vera with a chair

to bed transfer. OH~and Hane

took about 15 steps for the

physical therapist; Hane made a

point of telling me that in her

note=book. Also, she told me

@ one point 2 "Drop Dead!"

I musta said something in the

style of Dad^ Still, i'd rather

be abused by an older woman

than summarily ignored.

*more tomorrow*

4:58:12 PM^

*Names of Helpers kept*


[17-Jan-06...Pop left his nursing

home feet=first Eight (8) years ago.

Hescha! i coulda got my own medical

degree in that amount of time.]


slacbacmac said...

[secret: my countre is reset Again...add like 8000]
And glow about such entries, without Advertising! ~Author~

sunflowerkat321 said...

Has it really been a year since this entry?  Seems impossible.

My counter reset too....whatever.

deabvt said...

aw, slac, I remember this.
Hugs to you & prayers for the gallant Hane.

gdireneoe said...

Ok...phewph...this back reading blog running is wearing me out!  Freakin' alerts...  I am all caught up with you again...all the way back to the Bork entry.  Hugs upon hugs to you and Hane hon'...hugs upon hugs.  Great family pic BTW. ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>>>the Entry is kinda new but the Content is One
year old...i dasn't read back as far as i've written. THEY might
reset my counter Again. GLOW on! ~author~

floralilia said...

this was just yesterday, eh? I cannot believe it's been a year already.

hugs, slac...

Hush - lay down your troubled mind
the day has vanished and left us behind
and the wind-whispering soft lullabies
will soothe - so close your weary eyes.

let your arms enfold us
through the dark of night
and your angels hold us
till we see the light

sleep - angels will watch over you
and soon beautiful dreams will come true.
can you feel spirits embracing your soul?
so dream while secrets of darkness unfold."

sleep well Miss Hane -

slacbacmac said...

Thanks babe> for the Pote & the Sentiment...
One day/One year---yet None are truly Departed.
Schmooches back @ ya      ~Author~


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