Friday, January 20, 2006


This is the Winter of our discontent.

OR~in the Aspect regarding, these

are the times that try our Souls.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006...

Speaking of Plantations [and who was?]

there was that line from GWTW which went

something like this,"Who's gwana milk that

cow, Mizz Hillary? We=all house-glowers

up in here..." But, in honour of Walter

Cronkite having a new lady friend, i'm not

gwana go there. Nature of the Beast^

Thursday, January 19, 2006...As for UBL

wanting time out, a do=over or a truce:

DREAM ON! Let's review--you've murdered

our people, you've murdered your own

people & you're only pretending penitence

until you can kill again OR because your

Captors are closing in. Evil people usually

come to very bad ends & your time is

running out. SO~Cut the Crap. Surrender.

{the Wide Knight is not vengeful; he just

don't suffer Fools with gladness.}

The Engineer and i did a passel of good werk.

For which, i bot him Lunch @ the newest local

Italian ristorante. It's the least i could do for

my first & best Lieutenant. And it's not like he

doesn't have more & bettre things to do than

push a dehumidifier to the curb. [The bulksters

took the Humidifier absolutely but left the

denser piece behind; yet each item disposed of

is one less to think on! Truly.] *Spaghetti*

Friday, January 20, 2006...there Are the many

Ells in this Entry, aren't there? Such as, Shirley's

demise being ]bracketed[ by those of Lou Rawls

and Wilson Picket...i remember what ERNEST

BORGNINE said of Shelley's character in that

epic disaster film: "You had a lotta guts, lady...

a LOTTA guts." She also did a good turn in the

movie LOLITA. Ells be dangled, we'll miss them

all. (ERNEST does over=voice 4 SpongeBob...)

Adverts?! Counter Re=sets?! Justification?!

SO many of the snakeheads to Sever on one

small page! i must hone my blade...

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floralilia said...

i think we should blame Saturn.

jousting with the Sun...

always the troublemaker - when those two are together...




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