Thursday, July 14, 2005



Wednesday, July 13, 2005>

Do i not pray constantly?

OR was not taught to do any

less? Even when there isn't

anything especial to pray for,

i am inclined to do it anyway.

WE are supplicating for Pam

who has been in Hospital AND

Billy Rehnquist, who just

checked in; i know they have

nurses as fine as any i have

met. [that's a large number.]

Not to mention everyone

overseas fighting this awful

WAR. Innocents & Seasoned

soldiers on all sides, How i wish

the wastefulness would End!

Are there not yet enuf Widows

in Asia & the Americas? OR

not enuf orphans in the werld

learning to trade Blood 4 Blood?

It pondres me horrible.

- - - - -pacem- - - - -

Thursday, July 14, 2005>

MOOD: fungible

MUSIC: singing the Hits @ the

Market [Car Wash/Disco Inferno]

WEATHRE: same old Humidity

TITLE: Perfect Acquisition


The lady in front of me at the

store was shopping in tandem

with an older lady. It was very

interesting to me that the grand

gal could not Complete her

order without white birch beer

in cans. The younger woman

went back to the soda aisle

twice before she got it right.

She apologised profusely to me

as if i was in a hurry to buy my

bogos. I consoled her that,

"I know what it's like." [Hane

used to send me back to the

market if i brot home one wrong

thing.] WHAT is the perfect

grox order? And who has

Attained it? Rhetorical!

- - -end of boring story- - -

Mean=while, as a man of

manors/manners OR reasonable

facsimile there=of...i find my

neighbors & the Media often

mispronouncing the Patois of

their Xcursions into Real

Estate [say~reeel ehStay't'.]

Your agent is a 'Reel-tor',

NOT a `Reel-i-tor Nor a

re`Al-tor. The operation on

your property is "reeel-teee",

NOT ray-Al-TEE and Never

ever reality. {This is why the

Bankers love us...we seem

to confuse both realty and

reality! Call it a haus instead}

Enuf about dat^

- - -end of diatribe- - -

Yet~far be it from me to

correct the werds of others.

It just don't come natural.

In English even.



gdireneoe said...

TYTY for the clarification!  LOL  Please come here and tell these idiots that I HAVE been saying it correctly.  C.

deabvt said...

WHAT is the perfect

grox order? And who has

Attained it? Rhetorical!


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Celeste & Vince>> IF there be idiots,
i am too Polite 2 correct them...And, some=day,
i will Accomplish the perfect Grox=Run

karynetaylor said...

well you certainly said a lot and were all over the place as usual, from widows and orphans to alcholic beverage choices at the grocery store, your observations are always enjoyable!!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Kayyy! Babe~i am the scatter=shot 4 sure...
But our Northern grocery stores only
stock the Soda 4 widows & orphans...LOTTO &
cigs, we can get... [i'm a Dang YANKEE>]

floralilia said...

slacspeak is much more efficient.

good things to ponder


smoochez -


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