Monday, July 18, 2005


Sunday, July 17, 2005

mean=while, the previous night:

UnkaLou 7:47 Hi from Maisy, Engineer

and Lou

slac~ 7:47 hey dere all=to

UnkaLou 7:48 what?

slac~ 7:48 greetings & salivations

UnkaLou 7:48 ook

slac~ 7:48 reading your files is done

UnkaLou 7:49 what?

slac~ 7:49 well/ you & WildMan's emails

UnkaLou 7:49 ook

UnkaLou 7:50 I saw him yesterday

slac~ 7:50 i'll bounce off if you=all

would rather Talk by fone=real

UnkaLou 7:50 at Home Depot

UnkaLou 7:50 he was feeling better

slac~ 7:50 ...and...

UnkaLou 7:50 we will call in a few

slac~ 7:51 you got it!

UnkaLou 7:51 on speakerphone

slac~ 7:51 -then-

UnkaLou 7:51 digital, not analog

slac~ 7:51 my schpeaker is analog

UnkaLou 7:51 well, maybe analog for you

UnkaLou 7:51 hee hee

slac~ 7:51 hah!^^

UnkaLou 7:52 in a few....

UnkaLou 7:52 till then

slac~ 7:52 ta

*IMP Edited 4 nomenclature^

Yes, i can be a hard guy to get ahold

of some nights. AND i love those

Schpeaker=fones about as much as

my sister Kay does. Echoic!


What did Karl Rove know & when

did he know it? Frankly, i don't care;

i haven't liked the guy since he

managed to get Shrub into the Texas

Governorship. Can you say whisper

campaign? Never mind~i haven't

been reading the Papers anyway.


In China, they can't even visit my

Glow. Advise the Editors.


Break=fast: 2 eggs over medium,

4 chunks of country sausage, grits

with a touch of salsa, white toast

and moka. Somehow, i missed two

letters in the NYT crosswerd. It

makes me mad. In red ink yet.


So i travelled to the grox store and

saw a hawk as big as a Russell

Terrier sitting on a telefone pole

during a cloudburst. I was about

to walk into the store when i saw

a flash of lightning about a half

mile off come down parallel to the

bird's perch [id est, the vertical

telefone pole.] One tenth of a

second later, i heard the CRACK!

I threw my armswide to the sky

and pronounced,"Louie! Come get

me!" The hawk flew away and the

Old Man did not accept my offer.

Later it just rained big drops on

my recycle run. Veritas

- - - -not-a-Sunday-entry- - - -

Monday, July 18, 2005> Reset

most of my clox, it did. That

storm. Yet~there is no relief of

today from the Schtickiness!

Are WE used to it by now?


Do bicyclists need cell=fones?

While riding on the sidewalk...

Against traffik...Without helmets?

Granted, he was just checking

his cell; he wasn't calling anyone.

[HOW would that conversation

go? "Hey-Bud, i'm calling you from

my bike..."] And a white t=shirt

that looked like it might get caught

in the spokes... more like a shift

than a shirt. Ponderific^


Wisdom! i must post Wisdom!

HANE was always a good source

of logical remarks. Such as:

"I won't answer it unless i know

who it is." [the fone/the door]

"Don't get it if you can't find it."

[just before i would leave on a

grox run^] Better yet~as i was

perhaps dawdling on my Way

some=where, the Matriarch said,

"Leave before you hafta come back."

Such a superior brain which i have

inherited! Facile, risible & plain!

HER mother [the original Maisy]

also made grand statements in

her own dotage, which as may

often happen, are corollaries of

each other. To Wit:

"If I had known I was going to live

this long, I would have taken better

care of myself." AND, "If I had known

I was going to live this long, I

wouldn't have taken such good care

of myself." Perhaps Uncle Dan or

Aunt Rose Mary could enlighten me

on which Statement was actually

uttered by the woman in question.

{Altho~as an impartial Observer,

i honestly suspect that Maisy made

both observations, albeit on two

distinct occasions.} Smart gals...


[there's an ASSIGN in there^

someplace, but i'm not taking the

credit 4 it.] Amorro! ~slac~




floralilia said...

this is hysterical slac..i'm still snickering..

and no, WE are not used to the stickiness

still.   Even the birds are panting.

and that is just too weird.

but tonight I come to via a peach moon in a violet sky -


gdireneoe said...

Hi doll!  My hubby is now another"slac-er".  I have been reading him your entries.  This one tops the cake.  Schmooches          C.

slacbacmac said...

Tonight, i come 2 you via a Peach moon within a
Violet sky...Flo! that's COMMENTARY potery!
[mine was an off=throw entry^] Celeste> you are
learning all the Good & positing well...
Smooch the husband fervently

deabvt said...

slac~ 7:48 greetings & salivations                     Perfect!

Boy, you come from a long line of filosofers!
{I don`t know how anyone can finish the NYT puzzel!}


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