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Title: Tempis Fugit

NB: Anniverseral Repost....

Mood: Shy

~originally Posted 7/9/4>

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Thot: "there is a profound

difference between Nobility &



Friday, 09 July, 2004 Already!?

I must begin again to give extra

precedence to my entries over

other Web-Bouncing. Difficult

tho it may be. Like the T=shirt

says,"It is all about me".


I am caught up, however, on my

'ku & my 'kat & my flo=nuggets~

OH! And the long & arduous life

of the never-shunned Kayy...

[and if you can't get to those

sites from here, you are even more

dopplic than myself] The only

thing i am not of total apprisal is

the multifluous ANNIVERSERAL

proliferati. OR, in english,

"Holy Crud! They sho is a mess of

Glowers posting they hearts out on

this here one=year thang!"

Pardon the vernacular invectif.


Meanwhile & else, Vince has been

kind enuf 2 send me much schtuff

over the e=mail, including firewerks

and a handwritten page of the late

Anthony Burgess. [he wrote


other things---in fact, he wrote five

novels in five years becos his doctor

told him he had a brain tumour and

had that much time to live. Turned

out the doctor was wrong.] The

Fence=Man is anothre story. Either

his entire haus is under construction

or He has truly begun writing the next

Great Novel. Perhaps both.

Less=the=Never, this papal chihuahua

misses the allegorical animals which

populate the mind of Hans. But we

love him still, even if that pizza eating

monster hangs around his Glow for

another month. Tell him i said 'so'.


Blighters' Rock? Not me---often i

write jernals so well & so long that i

just repeat myself over & over like

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Saving the good

schtuff so much for the next day that

i just repeat myself over & over like...

CRUD! Didn't i just say that?

I am just so glad i have Editors like

Flo & Mumsy & Kat & Kayy & Vince &

Hans & Muse & such that i just repeat

myself over and over like~~hmm

Must be Anniversaral déja-vu.

Still, {be still}, for a REAL PARTY just

hit my 'bonks 2 this entry' for long and

internecine Commentary [which nearly

always exceeds the TEXT]. *Sigh*

My burden, my yoke, my Cross~

Let the unrelenting belovedness begin>

that crasy Slack, our only Captain Wide

* ~Author~

- - - - - - - -end of repost^- - - - -

Ack! i sure was full of myself 365 days

ago. On the second anniversary if i

recall correctly. I've mellowed.

[maniacal lafter] And one of the Editors

has it right when he notes that Glows

can be dull. But then, no=one can

live a life full of unremitting Xcitement!

{i tried it when i was Younger; it wore

me out.} Regardless of that & apropos

of Nothing irrespectf~WHERE in the

name of Hurricane Cindy did that

other year go??? Whirlish time!


Sunday, July 10, 2005...

Friday, i actually saw a girl wearing a

tee=shirt that said,"It is all about me"

It was at the hard=ware store. [i'm

attempting a project regarding my

kitchen sink.] Saturday, we filled five

roll=offs to the brim; it was surely a

nice day for it. G's own werld of

breezy sunshine and mildness.

To=Day, i saw something unusual as

i was drifing beyond the sports gala.

A mother & daughter passed me

oncoming and i swear BOTH of them

were conversing on fone=cells! Pilot

and Navigator each talking with two

other people while toddling thru traffic.

Holy Crud~that's like four (4) persons

in that mini=van with None of them

really in control of the vehicle! My

green=ghost nearly wanted to clip

them on general principle. Good thing

i was tuned to the classical station.

Leave the portable radioes at home

next time...i've got laundry to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, 11 July, 2005...

TITLE: Amembering

MOOD: Love, for in the that

Frances Langford is not among us.

NOISE: fan noise/Seinfeld ground=back

WEATHRE: Hot & breezy, not humid

NOTE: That torch i did is making the

rounds, again. Happy Anniversary!


Camp?! Of gourse i went to camp...

That's where we watched the Moon

Landing. [they no longer allow infants

to attend summer camp, over=night.]

Ten of the best weeks & three summers

i ever spent so small. Where do you

think i got my junior life=saving card?

OR that all=over case of Poison Ivy?

And one year i invited my best friend

from grade skool & he got pneumonia.

Gooood times...altho i shudder to

think what my parents got up to while

me and the Engineer were sleeping

on cots. Never mind~i am fully in

support of Camping all=to.


Also~i got my head mashed in during

a boxing match @ the commissary.

That^ esplains alot; but they no longer

allow children to spar, even with all

the protectif equipment. *Whew*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Visitors may Comment on Camping,

the Anniversary of Glows OR the

occasional reposting of Entries...

i'm not Picky, i'm Slacky^ lata



gdireneoe said...

I SOO know what it means to be full of myself.  I just re=vamped [ ;) ] my "About Me" column in my journal...and I have only been here five months!  It annoyed me more and more every time I went there.  C.

floralilia said...

being full of oneself is a good thing - especially if you're as grandiose as i am.


i'm adding the slactorch-a-trois to the about me - it's all about me- column today!

karynetaylor said...!!

        ~ K    

slacbacmac said...

Celeste> you schtart the Good Glow
Flo> egoism? egotism? never mind~WE fan the
good flames Happy A2
Kayy> lack of speech Reciprocated! your page
has done as much, often     *gurgle*

deabvt said...

Slac, that was wonderful!
Celeste> you schtart the Good Glow
Flo> egoism? egotism? never mind~WE fan the
good flames Happy A2
Kayy> lack of speech Reciprocated! your page
has done as much, often     *gurgle*
Comment from slacbacmac - 7/14/05 4:40 PM

slacbacmac said...

REDOUNDER!> Vince, is hard enuf 2 Re=posit
My pages without Echoing sincere Comments. Never
Mind~i get the Essence of Torchfulness> GLOW on.
~Author of Original Text~


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