Friday, July 8, 2005



I'm going to say very little about

the bombings in London; i don't

want to encourage these A=holes

to pull any more crud. We should

stop referring to them as Al Qaeda

and instead call them all cowardly.

Their tactics are the weakest form

of political bullying. And they don't

score any theological points either.

[Thou shalt not kill...and Better the

person should be tossed in the

River than corrupt Innocents.]

Besides, we've seen this kind of

unmitigated Hatred before~And

we Extinguished it at fair cost.

An ongoing process but a righteous

one. And our kindred in Britain have

endured much worse at the hands

of Fascists. (A coupla explosions in

the Tube? The English still remember

the blitz.) All Cowardly...cut the crap.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the National news, i am very much

behind. I am gonna miss Sandra Day

'cos she was the First woman sent

up to the big leagues; and she made

her share of precedent Consent &

Dissent. A lovely gal all=togethre.

Supreme smooches in retiring!

Somewhat national~Karol Wojtyla

is on the fast=track to sainthood.

Altho, as a practible catholic i don't

see how JP2 qualifies for the martyr

thing...I know he had a long tough

life & even took a bullet for Faith,

but the earlier, younger guys got

Crucified, decapitated Or burnt!

Suffer him=self to be sanctified but

Let the true martyrs remain true

martyrs. [All Cowardly adherents


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Local News: Speaking of Corruption

~the Pennsy legislature could not

pass the budget on Time, yet they

found scant fortitude to Advance

them=selves a 16% Pay Raise!

It's not like it's their actual Money.

The poor get more desperateand

the Hacks just get Bolder. *Zing*

No wonder they need cash coming

in from the slut/slot=machines!

The rest of us poor slobs are not

gonna schtand for it next Election

Day. [and if they are schmart enuf

they don't get re=elected, they just

Move to Washington.] Yet, the

smell of moral decay folloes dem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, children, it is a magnificent

and horrific werld...But as long as

i haf schtrength 2 serve, it will not

douse my Torch on the Inter=Web.

And other things...

Bounce the good bounce~slac



slacbacmac said...

/link 4 better Justify^/ ~Author~

gdireneoe said...

So well said...again.  Oh, and nice to have a face with the "werds".  Schmooches...I almost feel like I shcould say Scheleste...LOL   C.

floralilia said...


that was the best slacrant ever.


slacbacmac said...

Celeste: Heavenly music or some such; Schtay away from
the Germanic Dipthongs[?] for now...
Flo: Read 4 the Rants & stay 4 the mundacities, as always

wildflower1764 said...

Hi Slac, I enjoyed your commentary. :) ~V

deabvt said...

And here in Philly we`re so proud of Fumo & Perzel!   UGH!
Fly that freak torch...High!!

deabvt said...

slac, the one thing that stands out for me about JP2 was when he washed the feet of his jail.....That was sort of living his Faith....
Got your torch in my "About Me" section.

slacbacmac said...

[Edify:] Here's^ the Next torch...of the else,
i'm still a bit pisht. But! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
you guys...seems like only Yester


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