Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Wednesday, July 27, 2005...

A Change in the Weathre--

Our friends, the Canadians,

have elected to send us a

small portion of their cool

breezes...merci beaucoups!

Not a moment too soon^


Meanwhile, i was all up in

the shuttle Discovery getting

off; i've said before that space

travel is both perilous and

necessary. Plus+, there's a

lot of detritus on the Werld

Space=Station that needs to

find its way into a Pennsy

land=fill. And your pilot is

none other than the pretty

and competent Eileen Collins.

[each of which are neither

mutually Xclusif^] *Space!*


Actual terranauts for their

part are schtill behaving

badly...And that's the shame

on them. Pay Attention!


Slac's 2008 political Quandary:

i'd like a woman to run for the

highest office in the Land.

Yet~i wouldn't count either

Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton

on my first ten fingres...altho

Both of them have more than

enuf ambition. And political

connection. [is being Married

to a Living President a good

qualification for running??]

Never mind~there is some

lead=time on this question.

{id est, more & better women

should consider making the

announcement to run}



How is it i keep forgetting that

my page is not a political

venue?! Accident of Nature.

[my commentators & visitors

tend 2 schtraighten me out.]

Amorro, i will paint or pote

becos it is what the DANCER

would wish me to do...

~slac~ 19:28:57

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



cneinhorn said...

thank you canadian friends...i'm melting here at the shore!  


gdireneoe said...

I'm a Rice fan myself...we shall see.  Oh, BTW...TYTY for the list answers...where are they?  Not here...  C.

plittle said...

De rien, mon ami.

slacbacmac said...

jersey=gf>send a foto of you melting! i'll publish it not...
celestial=one>Condoleezza is my special friend & i discourage
her from Rising 2 that dirty job [tho' She is capable!]
Cow=boy>de rien, yo' bad se'f...j'appreciate les bontemps de
atmospherique aujourd'hui!! Quel Ete...

deabvt said...

Yea.....miss the dancer. I just was over at haikulike.

floralilia said...

and i can just picture you too in the slacshuttle - slacadylicpaintings taped over important dials...

kicking back in the slacheadafones - waiting your turn to suit up for the slacspacewalk...

sigh.  a perfect way to see the werld.  

save me a seat.

slacbacmac said...

Thanx, flo...i coulda done that back=flip on a break.
Alas~the Engineers in Florida & Texas won't even allow
me to attend Schpace=Camp! Never mind--i'm building
my own Vehicle


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