Friday, July 22, 2005


Friday, July 22, 2005...

They are hoist by their own

petards in the Underground

and that's a good thing. I hope

the English continue to arrest

schtupid terrorists, wherever

they find these small criminals.


I'm gonna miss James Doohan

who made Scotch engineers a

respectable group of geniuses.

[and i come from a long line of

such artisans.] "There be whales

here!", he said in STAR TREK IV.

There be Angels where he is

now...and plenty of dilithium.


If it weren't for the Dew=Points

we'd be complaining of the

Wind=Chill. Emily & Franklin!

There's a lotta hotness here and

there. And it's killt more than a

few Americans, who for one

reason or another, could not

escape the Oppressifnes; i Pray

that G & J provide them now

the Cooler housing which they

lacked on this cruel plane.

{Of the few dying people i have

known, a good many of them

would ask espressly for ice...

as if to Slake the fevers of

coming Judgment & arrife

unthirsty in the final Vinyard}


OR~if you prefer a slightly more

Mid=Eastern view of paradise,

remember only to keep the

DECALOGUE to set up Rivers

of Milk & Honey...No lying, No

cheating, No stealing, No false

Witness Nor envy of Neighbors,

AND no unnatural killing of

your fellow Creatures for any

Reason what=so=ever. Would

that we could Hold such scant

Integrity! And live the Good.

- - -perhaps-one-day- - -

Yesterday, i got the milk for my

moka and i remembered to cut

the Widow's Lawn; it is Well

that i keep my own Promises &

that i dreme truly of my other

thousand obligations. WHICH

i shall also fulfill becos it is my

Aspect. Considerata^ slac


gdireneoe said...

Slac?  Could you/would you re-do Shakespear?  ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

O Shining One> an Open Question! Me & the Bard of AVON are
tight~ask any=one. Iambic Pentameter is my second language.
Would i do it 4 Celeste? Could i do it just in Jest?
[Wait! i'm channeling Theodor Geisel as well^]

bunnv said...

Scottie will be missed, indeed.  And Theodore Geisel is a great guy to channel!


cneinhorn said...

scottie will be missed but not forgotten!

I like your new sidebar photo slac...  :-)


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>> Yet Amember~Scotty was the Engineer...
"scotties" are tissues & slac eschews brand=names.
Yeah, it's a faer face in my bar=side>

deabvt said...

...and plenty of dilithium.   Aw, I remember the crystals.
We need a slacpote!


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