Friday, June 17, 2005


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- - - - - -slac~in~jury~land- - - - - -

OH! Yeah~before these juries

were selected, evybody in the room was

made to stand, raise our Right hands,

and Swear or Affirm that WE would do

a fair job of deciding to decide. I chose

to Affirm, becos CRUD! You know i

abhor the frigging swearing.]

Female clerk: "You have ninety minutes

for Lunch; we don't care what you do in

those 90 minutes, as long as it's legal."

{she kept referring to our PAYROLL

forms yet oddly pronounced it like


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Tonight's Episode: The Bourse...

It was the hottest dang day of the year

and i meandered back to my hotel room

to gathre up some reading materials &

a deck of cards [which i never used.]

Then, i perambulated along Market to

the food=court @ the Bourse. Talk

about your feeding frenzy! Evyone in the

natural werld was there, waiting in lines

to get a nosh. I bot an italian hoagie for

fi' dollars. Not a genuine gut=buster,

mind you, but an eight inch samich

which nearly no=one could call for good

a po'boy, submarine, hero etcetera...

Schtill, as i woofed it down @ the court

house court=yard, it was a tasty morsel.

About one o'clock, i went through

security again and Mister Wanding Man

Person made some snide remark that,

"Shoot~You are just a man of metal with

your Jeans & your Belt & Boots, aintchya?"

[And to think i coulda done something

Amazingly illicit on my Break.]


The room was mildly boisterous when i

found a new seat in the back. I lost track

of the petite blonde. Some of the culled

jurors returned with scant stories of their

adventures up=stairs. I concentrated my

attention on my complimentary Hotel

paper and the puxxles i brot from home.

Walking & stretching periodically to keep

the blood in my legs flowing...

A quarter past Four, yet anothre Jury was

selected [Kathleen onmy left was chosen

and i muttered,"G bless."] This group was

told to return Tommorow (Tuesday) for

their voir dire. THEY were mildly relieved

of that news. The better News was Yet.

Moments after they escaped for the

afternoon, the rest of us were informed

that if we hadn't been chosen, OR, if we

had been outsworn of the Morning office,

OUR Jury Service was complete & done.

Our favourite Clerk made the ominous

Statement: "See you all again in 2 Years."

{i was slightly disappointed that i hadn't

gotten the chance to see the Upper Rooms

and palaver with real Philadelphia

lawyers; less=the=never, it was an especial

honour to have had the opportunity to

participate in the second leg of the

American obligation. Voting is the first leg,

SO~Get Registered!} WE were like lemmings

to the cliffs on our departure! Plunge! Drown!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday, June 17, 2005...

Amorro! The EPILOGUE of Slack-in-Jury-land:

"He went from the City to the Walley on

Flag Day and Lived to Tell the Tale"




plittle said...

Good on you, mate. I'm still areadin'

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata! Amind me 2 Bounce, again, on your's a=reading & it's a=writing... ~Author~

cneinhorn said...

have fun at jury duty!


deabvt said...

WE were like lemmings

to the cliffs on our departure! Plunge! Drown!


Lunch at the Bourse!  A Hoagie!!
The livinlargeslac!
[ the Pic is great!]

jouell3935 said...

Love your journal!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on the Editor's Pick!!!!
I shall return!


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