Monday, June 6, 2005




There was a girl in that race?

Danica, i love you. The Russian

women were all over the French

Open but they kinda fizzled...

Yet~they are very attractif

when they get frustrated. And

then--there is some Game going

on with Nine full=growed men

chasing after a naugehyde ball.

GO Sox, i mean, Yanks! Hire

some Russian girls already.

And some other past=times...


Farm report: It's difficult to

plant a garden among so many

mint plants & wild strawberries.

AND, you know your pocket

yard is a mess when you have

to borrow the Widow's Weed

whacker to cut the grass.

Up=shot~there won't be any

cucumbres freshly grown from

me, this Year. Lotsa Bees...


Sunday, June 05, 2005>

"What are you doing? You know

slac doesn't publish on Sunday!"

[and he missed exactly one

letter on the puxxle...]

National: Deep Throat was a's far too late

for all of us to sully the beauty

of Hal Holbrook's performance.

OR Linda Lovelace's for that

matter. Watergate=History.


Speaking of embryos--when

did Arlen, George, OR Rick

become experts on cloning? It

pondres me much that they

haven't consulted their wives

more fully on the Aspects of

reproduction. Freeze me not!

I'm only here on account of

the Vinegar. Democratically.

- - - pregnant~pause- - -

Title: Cheese Curls & Rotini

Mood: hazily atmosferic

Music: Charmed...incidental

Thot: "Maybe it's a good thing

i'm getting most of my news

from Public Radio; hearing is


6/6/05~An Anniversary...

It's not just the amembrance

of D-Day, horrible as that was.

Cat's mom & dad were married

on this day a few years back.

They are Rocky & Blade's other

grand=parents---well, now their

Only grand=parents. G bless 'em.


The Day was schticky. My hair

hates the hot & humid days.

On my way to werk, i had to

stop @ the Bank to cash the

Widow's check [for mowing her

lawn yester=day]. One of my

favourite tellers handled the

transaction. I almost forgot to

get my receipt, but she called

me back. Then, after all, she

wished me to have,"a nice

week=end." I felt her blush as

i moved along~~this is how it

happens when someone likes

you. OR! Maybe she knows i

have a time=machine!

Less=the=Never, i will have to

keep my eyes on her, and not

cash piddling chex on Mondays.

In case of Rain...


Oh~the cheese curls? They were

bogo. Also the grape tomatoes.

It's hard 2 shop 4 only 1 person.

{maniacal slaclafter} pixlata^



cneinhorn said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of the movie when I hear deep throat...oh it's so history, I could care less about watergate now....very well put slac.


slacbacmac said...

Observata! Thanks joisey=girlfriend>
History is the Things you remember some years
after they Actually seemed important...
Or some such filosofy. ~Author~

floralilia said...

i got humid helmut hair here too today -

it's wild.

along with being hot.

belfastcowboy75 said...

Teller you have a time machine. Perhaps none is required--accident, not substance. Cut her some Slac.

slacbacmac said...

Yes, Cowboy...between Vonnegut & Al Stewart,
i rarely design unhappy accidents. It's a Mitzvah.

deabvt said...

Then, after all, she

wished me to have,"a nice

week=end." I felt her blush as

i moved along~~this is how it

happens when someone likes

you.   [A Ha!!!!]

Please, I`ll have a sharapova!

slacbacmac said...

{it's> a late bounce but Appreciata less=the=none}
the girls in schports are fiiiiine... ~Author~


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