Thursday, June 16, 2005


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And that> more or less happened to

all one hundred & ninety=nine of us,

give or take, by degrees. Soon enuf we

were escalated...

~end of part One~

Tonight's Episode: SHIFTING SEATS


Potential Jurors, be they petit ou

Grand, are selected from Voter

Registration rolls; which accounts for

the preponderances of white, female,

middle=aged members. Altho, in all

honesty, we were a representatif

sample of the over=all general

population. I would hazard a guess

that 1/5th of our group had already

been through the Process before.


By the time orientation began, i had

a brunette from Horsham on my left

hand & a blonde from Churchville on

my right. Both younger than me of

gourse and apparently unencumbered.

The female clerk was entertaining enuf

considering she has been doing the

jury thing for probably many years. WE

watched a Video of one of the judges

informing us of the importance of

jury service in the American System of

jurisprudence. Soon enuf, we were

also visited by one of the sitting judges.

He was an affable hispanic gentle=man

in a black robe. [duh.] A little while later,

some lawyers came in & selected the

first 30 participants of the first case.

Two lawyers & a tip=staff arrived by

stages to aggregate the next sixty

persons for anothre two cases. The

brunette on my left was chosen for one

of these. [oh, yeah~before these juries

were selected, evybody in the room was

made to stand, raise their Right hands,

and Swear or Affirm that WE would do

a fair job of deciding to decide. I chose

to Affirm, becos CRUD! You know i

hate to freaking swear.] Lunch!

Female clerk: "You have ninety minutes

for Lunch; we don't care what you do in

those 90 minutes, as long as it's legal."

{she kept referring to our PAYROLL

forms yet oddly pronounced it like

Peril...} ~end of Part Two~

- - - - - -slac~in~jury~land- - - - - - -

Thursday, 16 June, 2005^


floralilia said...

fancy that - slac in juryland -

singing..."this is the tale of a fateful trip to an uncharted desert isle"...can't wait to hear more tales gillislac!

slacbacmac said...

Flo! Babe! i can so hear you Singing that>
[secret: when i had my supper @ the Hotel, the
maitre'd was humming,"slacbac, the red=nosed
Juror..."] Of thus^ there IS more... You can thank
me lata 4 breaking the horrible weathre.
~Author~          and *smoooch*

floralilia said...

yes, thank you for turning down the humidy knobs a bit - that was *way* tooo much moisture -

uh...even for a girl with naturally frizzy hair...

deabvt said...

Where was Lunch??


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