Monday, June 27, 2005


Pisha! [one more re=post from

one (1) year ago...~Author~]

Original posting 6/27/And4>

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Yesterday i droppt the Shunky;

Today [Sunday] i droppt the

muffler on the Green=Ghost!

Which is werse?

A shunky schpill can be cleaned

up with white vinegar & a mop.

A muffler drop is a little more

Complicated. Note: bungee

cords are not the best cradle

for a fallen muffler; the rubber

will burn thru eventual.

Funny how the old cars & the

old ladies make one Resourceful.

{Angels of Mercy~~do not send

me into this epoch again!}


Apparently, most of the pictures

i post are both old & corrupted.

OR there is a bumpy=bug in

Kodiak land. No matter~i've been

sending some of my better pix to

my popular Readers. Heck!

The Dancer has a whole file full.

Up=the=Shot: if you get a clean

bitmap or jaypeg from slack,

use it well & resolutely~~at

least until i learn how to make

Entries as good & large as the

real fotoGlowers! {And you know

who You are.}


Meanwhile, Floralilia is culling the

Nuggets of wisdom from the Glow

werld in her secondary journal...

AND it is well werth visiting and

commenting on. {I am biased becos

i know her & the Queen has also

saved a passel of my observati...}

Nevertheless, Bounce to Her on

account of~~we are Simpatico.

Flip her off not Casually! Flo is

crusty on the out but squishy on

the centre...Plus+ she has the

long memory of all things^

Thereyago. Hans! Vince! Viv!

Desert=Dawg! Check them all~

They are my posse; And if they haf

blue=links, go there as well.

That's how i find the good glows.

{I am always purple wherever i

Flit & Flip} I would endorse the

Muse as well but she is also one

of my mentors. Well=met,

well=read. Monday, i am the bus

and Calling the auto=shop,

Slackashirt 6/27/2004


^end of repost supra=annual^

Sunday, 26 June, 2005...

Thot: "if you are lacking for a

good idea, read back=wise and

reiterate; you might stumble

onto some Inspiration."


Title: Lost on the Trail...

Mood: guardedly summerific

Weathre: more shpritzly than

predicted...grey skies.

Music: [Seinfeld TV]

And Where is Mumsy?

Text: Friday~i entertained both

the Jehovah's Witnesses and the

Mormons...on my porch. I think

I'm all G'ed up 4 the week. The

engineer came home for his

birfday, but we didn't connect.

Flower=Sun has found two of

her hats AND more than a coupla

hikers were rescued on the

Water Gap trails. Fair Warning!

Too many of these youngsters

are coming to bad middles and

bad ends between their back

door and the outer werld. And

the Down=Town is being shot up

by wannabe gangstas...cut the

crap! There is more than enuf

recklessness in the Cosmos as

is. Stave off the imps of impunity

in the current season; Summer

funerals are werse than Winter

ones. Mind your feet and pay

close attention. Vita brevis


{My Angels are fully occupied &

impatient with abject schtupidity}


Remind me, good ones, to Paint

and Pote amorro when Conditions

shall be more Favourable.

Monday, June 27, 2005^



gdireneoe said...

Hi!  i was brought here via another journal...i love your style.  I will be back           C.

floralilia said...

and one year later am still culling the nuggets - whodathunkit?

hold on - i'm hearing some coffee calling me....

slacbacmac said...

gdireneoe & flo> Style?! i'm schtill werkin' on
it over Moka & such [tracbac the slac--it's kinda
interesting] ~Author~

thelovetrain said...

The 'guest editor's', list...

You're the famous hunk'a-hunk'a burnin journalist man, now, man. I always knew, that you would be, though.

... Nice blue-suede shoes, dad.

~'B' Presley  @---->---

karynetaylor said...

just dropped by to get all S'd up and tell ya to hav a happy 4th!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Bri, for the flowre...forgif that i haven't
bounced 2 you in a bit.  Kayy: you are all up=slackt,
Happy Independence Day [all] & stand CLEAR of
the werk=fires!   ~author`

sunflowerkat321 said...'re the guest editor's pick!!!!

It's about time that the "land" knew about you!

I found my you'll recognize me when I come by the slac shack!

I'm disturbed about what's happening downtown too.  Just got to stay away from there I guess....

deabvt said...

Wow! What the Artist!
You`ve definite put my PSP to its knees!
Great Work!


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