Saturday, June 25, 2005


Colour me grateful.


This time i made it into the

Penta=Glows without even

asking. Thanx AuroraWalking

Vacation/guest editor man.

[secret: he reads the slacpage

regular anyway.]


Also, Vince took time out from

Real Art & Real Poetry to

feature one of my doodles on

To Live is to Be Anxious...

[secret2: i've been proddling

him to borro my art anyway.]

Thanx, bud.


That is to Say~i do not encourage

self=promotion on the InterWeb,

but it is rather pleasant to get

the occasional random Bounce.

Friends? Equals? Exceeders?

Truth be told...i like wading in

the shallow end of the collectif

Pool. Floating lazily, not splashing

the other children unduly...

{It's a fine summer to posit the

Schwimming theme, no?}


06/25/ i was watching

What I Like About You last

night and i swear i heard the one

girl say to the other girl,"Well,

aren't you the crasy mofo?"

Sure, that's a werd i've been using

for about ten years, but i can't

believe it made it to Broadcast

television. Schtartled me much!

(moh~foh, equal emfasis, the

shortening of a highly derogatory

term first described on the

Carlin list of unutterables.)

Those kids & their language!


This is my natural voice.

Regardless of that & altogether,

it's a bit too schteamy for me

to be controversial. I'll write

more iambic on Monday.

Probly. ~then~


deabvt said...

My pleasure, slac.
Woo Hoo!  Iambic is a comin`!!

belfastcowboy75 said...

To read the Slac is good for mental health. A good iambic sentiment. Mofo, being a spondee, has no place here.

sinnermeetevil said...

i am 35 and been hearing mofo since i could understand. it is funny to hear the young kids say it like they invented it.

im out~

cneinhorn said...

I look forward to any entry you write, iambic or your natural voice...always something interesting on these=pages here :-)


floralilia said... usual.

congrats capt. wide!

karynetaylor said...

my favorite cussword? "butthole", but that is only in secret, "dumbass" often gets uttered, I get away with that one it seems (only mildly disapproving look from husband). Mo fo? fergettaboutit! Never. You aren't saying you SAY it are you?

~ Karyn  <-- Back home again!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>>Hane taught me 2 curse by using only
the Letters...the rest i adopted by using Cartoon voices
and a French accent. OR from Mac by simply running
the Offending werds fastly togethre. [Tourettes]
Amember, i named my Cat: BOO-`Grrr-Ag...


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