Friday, June 10, 2005


It's the [brand=name] Blimp!

And it is Angeling me right

over the Ritz! fantastico!

Thursday, June 09, 2005...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where in the name of Meadow

Sisto was i? OH~Yeah...mind

the Tenses. It was hotter than

the hasps on the hinges of

Hades. [The day was Sultry.]

And i miss Anne Bancroft

more than most; she was too

young & brilliant to Depart us.

{Knowing people who shine

off in their 90s would tend to

Put things into perspectif.}

It's not the heat; it's the



I am not one for running the

Airco on account of Global

Warming but these last coupla

days have been oppressif.

Even with that wonderful

flying Air=Ship passing over

my concatenations. Zoit &

Touts Alor! The Queen of

Succulence is Recovered by

scant action. [see Floralilia^]

My local weathre=girls inform

me it won't get much better

any time soon...from the cold

wintry Spring to the schteamy

pre=arrival of Dog Days~how

can i perfect my actions under

such conditions? My sister has

even taken on anothre strange

Canine! [properly so~~Cat is

only my sister by Association

but i have attended a million

of her animals.] And me without

a true & relevant Garden?!


Friday, June 10, 2005...

There you have & Thus it is.

Has anybody else noticed the

gas=lines reminiscent of 1973?

People are waiting in two deep

lengths to fill up their tanks

in the Heat of the day. [That's

bad 4 the ground-lying Ozone.]

The short answer is that Two

dollars doesn't go as far as it

used to...and the politically

complex answer is that we will,

as Americans, run out of both

cash & "oil" in about thirty (30)

years. I'll be a nearly old man by

then & much accustomed to

riding my bicycle everywhere.

{i cheat~i have Visited the future}

Less=the=never, it's long past

time for us to cogitate these

impending scenarios. Energy!

My Pop knew it was finite when

he graduated college. Ever more

the much=so today.

- - - -conservational~slac- - - -


karynwiththewhy said...

you do seem to have a sense of the future!

tell me, is there peace and happiness in mine?

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

a perfect reason to induge in flights of fancy too - and it's econofriendly -

the pooch is cute...lucky to have found a good home -

stay cooler than cool this weekend love -

i'm off to work.

slacbacmac said...

Heck yeah! Girl=friends! if i can save the occasional
bird OR advertise lost puppies, then a little Peace, Love
and Happiness all=round is a snap. But the Hotness?
eh~not=so=muchso...     ~Author~

cneinhorn said...

what a cute little dog, glad he has a home now....  :-)


slacbacmac said...

Dog Date=Up: altho that puppy spent a few good
days in the Valley~it is NOW currently retourned 2
its True Owners. i Love the Love which allows me
to make these happy endings Possible...[i should
probly amend the CAPTION as well.] ~Author~

deabvt said...

{Knowing people who shine

off in their 90s would tend to

Put things into perspectif.}
How true, slac...
Hotter than the hasps.....   [hehehehe]
Good news `bout the puppy!


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