Thursday, March 10, 2005


secret: i'm already eating corned

beef, that's how irish i am.


Weathre: it's as cold as a witch's

wimple. And witches don't have

wimples. Honestly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dreme: i've been all about dreaming

of my late strikes me much

becos she was just a domestic

anti=social tabby. Ask anyone.

Berned on a pile of other Cats!

[Hane was bereft, dad was gone]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Departure! Essence! Faint regret!

Thursday, 10 March, 2005...

title~Bounce 2 da Box

mood~efficaciously up=beat

noise~the scritch of felt pens...

thot~"To be of two minds is not

a bad thing, as long as both lobes

agree." ---slac---


We had a grand time at the bank & Van & Sandy &

Mary Lou [the revenuer]. It was

all giggles and googledy eyes.

And if i sign my name to yet one

more document, i'm afraid my

first right fingre might fall off.

[and then i'd have to become a

South=Paw like my sire.] And

it pondres me simple how i can

track more than 4 check regs

and schtill not achieve Balance

in the monthly adroitness. Of

my own accounts, that is. At

least i assiduosly avoid papre

cuts. Meticulosity i have

inherited from all sides!


Probate? Prostate? Prostrate?

My new favourite question is,

"Are you doing this your=self?"

[it always schtuns me^] Is that

not a very personal query, which

i am at a loss 2 answer Directly?

And Are there not already too

many questions=marks in this

paragraf??? {filosofy^}


i travel straight thru briars to

come to brisket...and i should

continue that path until i shine

on the Forms i sign. PEN!




floralilia said...

one can never have two many question marks in their life, can we slac?????????

slacbacmac said...

{yes, dear> it pondres me much
that it was ever thus.}?

deabvt said...

Picked up corned beef & cabbage Friday nite!
Will cook it Sunday, the day of our Parade!
Erin go Braugh!!

cneinhorn said...

we've been eating corned beef already too and hubby likes to say it's cold as a witches nipple, but you didnt' hear that from me! ;-)  ~jersey

slacbacmac said...

i am behind on the brisket, this year>>
Meanwhile, the correct frasings are: cold as,
*a witch's teat OR *a nun's navel/nipple
OR *it'd freeze the balls off a brass monkey.
Never mind~spring is coming.


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