Monday, March 14, 2005


And speaking of Art, i am partial

to the M's...Miro, Matisse, Magritte,

Monet & Manet [one does lily=pads,

the othre hay=stacks...i think.]

OH! And Mondrian. Like nobody

could see these influences in my

werk?!! {"Mac? Of gourse, he paints;

i have a bunch of his crud saved to

my hard=drive."} Magnifique!


Speaking of mush=rooms, i hate 'em.

I made a coupla mean comments to

the Muse about her portobello recipe

and i beg forgifness. The recipe was

great, deliciously described...but i

just don't like a food source that

shares its fertility with tree roots.

I know~the truffle people are going

to be after me about this one as well.

[if you need a Hog to schniff out your

vegables, you are obviously not

eating enuf BACON.] Well, enuf about

that...i'm schtarting to sound like Jay.

{there are subtle influences in Glow

Land.} Texture!


Meanwhile, in the big werld, i hear

whispres that Glowers are having

impact on large events. Yeh, right.

OR maybe so. Regardless of that,

i'll post a coupla opines...

>Syria: yeah, get out of Lebanon.

>China: cut the crap; Taiwan is

already its own country.

>North Korea: cut the crap.

>United States: if you guys flock up

the social security any more than it

is---there will be a pox on yer grands.

So, get your sheet togethre and

only spend the tax=money already

coming in. [like that'll last]

>Pennsylvania: c'mon, gang, which

would you really rather have?

An effective education system OR a

cadre of cannabilistic casino cons?

No~i honestly want to know^

[i'm asking the legislators i have to

Vote in or out on April 5 & after]

Monday, March 14, 2005...


I wonder if Saint Patrick drove the

snakes out of Ireland becos they ate

truffles or becos they were horribly

bad Politicians. OH! Never mind,

i'm just schpitting gall until i have

more Fambly news... Cabbages!



floralilia said...

amazing. political slac to the rescue -

i like it.

a lot.

i agree, and concur - with the  findings above sir slacalot...

wildflower1764 said...

Hi Slack...just stopping by. Any new artwork?

slacbacmac said...

Flo! Babe! you know that i know that i only Ring
in politically when i'm not following the Assigns.
i'm a baaaad boy^
Flowre=Wild>i am having so much fun with my
second=hand scanner That i sometimes forget
2 Paint. Not 2 worry~i'll do something soon.

sunflowerkat321 said...

among that list of great M's.....MAC=slacbac

But no "m"ushrooms???
Hmmmm.....I love them.

deabvt said...



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