Thursday, March 17, 2005


Bubble, Bubble, potatoes & cabbage,

if i'm not Irish, i could be a savage.


In honour of Rocky's recent birfday,

i left out the celery.


The brisket on such a Day is an

American invention; there just aren't

that many cows in the old sod.


The engineer is definitely in New

Hampshire; and my nephew, the

groper is on an Island in the Far East,

not a peninsula. [altho~when one is

flying in a Jet, it's hard 2 ascertain

which country one belongs to.]

Cat & Miasie are so busy showing

houses on their turfs, they can

hardly be expected to call me more

than three (3) times a week.

[it's a real=estate joke^] And

speaking of fone=calls...i can

honestly say, when the firemen ring

or the sheriffs, or the benevolent

association of County Aggregates,

that,"No---Hane is not here." And

hang up without adding that her

sweet Irish back is double-deep in

the Catholic cemetery out west.

Besides which~they always fone

when i'm trying 2 write a cogent and

scintillating Glow entry. Maybe not

this one...but your call may be

recorded 4 future sales purposes.


Where the Anneliese Van der Pol

was i? OH! Yeah---it's been a long

hard week for American jurisprudence.

What with guns & trials & quirky

verdicts & just plain categorical

insanity---i don't know how these

Judges get up in the morning! They

must have intestines of schteel.

Before coffee, yet. And they nearly

never know when a trial is gonna

go South or just plain crasy. Lord

protect them, here & abroad; it's

not a job i would choose to do.


Sure And it's a foyn day to be Oyrish!

Moight Saint Peter foind you at the

Pub & let the Divil brew his own

coffee er tea on the sun=roise!

[i pronounce the gaelic badly] And

only wear "the green" in a country

that doesn't grow perfect island

grass. ~O'slacAmacOmac'saMany^

March 17, 2005^


sunflowerkat321 said...

Did the brisket turn out well??

(I'm sure it did)

I'll bet it's nice to be able to honestly and politely brush off the solicitous calls.

Terrible week to be a judge....

Coffee on a morning someday soon????

slacbacmac said...

Indeed, flowre=sun--the brisket has improved
with extra boiling and absence of criticism...
And yeah, we'll bounce 4 coffee as the weather
improves. e=mail!?!

belfastcowboy75 said...

I had some Jamison whisky instead of brisket...NOT an American invention. Look after the sun=flower.

deabvt said...

A late Erin!!


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