Sunday, March 6, 2005


March 05, 2005...


Yeah, i was reading the Jay Assign

about what i would endorse if i was

a gazillionaire. Which, by my calculus,

could Happen any day now.

First, a joint endorsement for Brand

Name coffee & Brand Name powder.

Without which i wouldn't have woken

up this morning. Brand Moka!!

Second, i would love to endorse a

new Peace Prize to compete with the

Alfred Nobel one; something with a

little less trinitrotoluene in the

history. Explosifly pacifistic...

Third, i would like to attach my name

and likeness to the inside of certain

denim jeans & jean jackets, preferably

Black, in the cuff or sleeve by and by.

The reasoning here is that only when

you got to the laundromat and turned

your raggedy clothes inside=which

would people notice,"Hey! They's Brand

Name dungarees on the outside but

they slack the back all up on the

in=seam!" It could happen.

Good thing i don't do endorphinments.

Or crasy=adipose assignments. Hmm.


More=after, and in spite of myself,

i bounced 2 Floralilia and found a

more interesting List

ten unique un=repeatable accomplits.

But~i could not mathematically

rendre such a list of TEN! i would have

had to chop off my own Pinkies! And

eat them. With sharks & piranhas yet.

Mind that never=much^ Here are

5 (five) things which i doubt even i

could re=imagine in the 21st Century:

#5: Had my music played on Norwegian

radio & publisht on a cassette tape.

#4: Saw Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan,

shook hands with Jimmy Carter And

played piano for Joan Mondale...

#3: wrote & publisht poems in my high

skool lit=mag, local newspapre AND my

college lit=mag. Triple threat!

#2: began a glow/blog and within one

year met no less than 4 (Four) othre

beautiful web=journalists. Torch!

#1: the numero uno is on=going as i

become Individuated to my Fambly...

To spread the ashes of my Patriarch,

to sink my fair Mother in her earth, to

Attend my nephews & nieces with both

consolation and humour...Lingering on

as we Travel. OH! Journey of the

Universe, how we schtumble Onward.

It's a werk in progress/process.

And wakes me bright amorro^

[edit the sappy parts]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that's not much of a List. And

there's not much extra information

either. The nuns at skool told me

i wasn't a very good expository

writer. More of a Thematist, i guess.

With alternatif schpelling yet.

"Linguist! Code=breaker! Use the

good grammer for once!" Or werds to

that effect. Where the Portia de Rossi

was i going with this?


Sundae! Past glory. Days & dremes

piling up toward interstices. I'll bring

the schtory togethre if i have to Glow

anothre Year. Fair warning, that.^

March 06, 2005...thematislac


floralilia said...

ah, slac the back black jaket and jeans - i can see it -

such a fashion statement that would be!  slac jakets, slac jeans, slac tees, slac sleeves... pure unadultryated thematics even still...

i think yer onto something.  run with it slac.

and the accomplishtments are great and varied, indeed.  yours count each as two.

floralilia said...

"the Mood is Farcical"


floralilia said...

sorry about your cute dead kitty.

deabvt said...

#1 is wonderful.

cneinhorn said...

love your list slac....those are some great accomplishments!



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