Sunday, March 20, 2005


Happy Saint Joseph's Day!

He's more than just a baby aspirin.

Or birds flying back to a monastery.

It's also my primary nephew's

birfday...that would be Wyatt's

daddy for any=one following my

Super-Unclehood. That bright and

handsome nephew of mine must be

33 or 34 by my epochal calculus...

[i dislike encumbering myself in an

entirely new millennial centuric Age;

it's so hard to round the arithmetic

@ the 'and Zero' point.] It would have

been in the late eighties when i last

personally saw that number. And

then i invented my time=machine to

extricate myself from the hazards of

calling bingo. Younger i get, 'tho i'm

nay the Youngest yet! Casio!


March 19, 2005^

Today, i drove to the Laundromat...

Presently, i am boiling more cabbage

and potatoes for the remaining brisket.

Carrots! i remembered also to boil them

for colour. What would the matriarch

add in criticism to my Irish/Catholic

feast? Set alone in perfect splendour

for Her ossified consideration? Hane

would have had it with Vinegar...

a taste 4 which i never joined her.

No apple distillations for this Son of a

Son of a Navy engineer & Christian

Scientist. [Vinegar is more for cleaning

than cooking, if you ask me.] Sharp!


i mean, the son of an engineer and the

grand=son of a limestone cementer &

a spindle-boss. (Hane's father also

werkt in a quarry but he was more

famous for overseeing fabric mills.)

To say much than less of my lovely

grandmeres. Without which~~~

*blip* i would not be here atoll^


The slight Knight is not going to weigh

in of whethre Karol Wojtyla or Terri

Schiavo should or should not have

breathing/feeding Tubes; it is far too

close an experience in my scant mind.

Papa Mac took nearly nothing and Hane

barely escaped with her whispering

Intentions. Remind me amorro to have

the courage to fill out my future

directifs, presently. Sans Lawyers.

Altho~i shtill have a good many stones

i'd like to pish on. Eternity!There's no

place else to go!


And there you have, until i report on

whether i finisht the Sunday puxxle...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OH! Wait! Cat & the kids were kind enuf

to wake me up from my evening nap.

We were apt to catch up on fambly

schtories anyway. And Rocky's boy

friend was kind enuf 2 tag along.

He is a nice young man. Reminding

myself of myself @ such an age...

id est, between Academia and the

harsh indifferent world=real. Yet,

quite amenable & amiable when

travelling alongside my Secondary

orbital kindren & their intelligent

peccadilia. OR some compliment like

that. Any=Way, i sent the Cat home with

all of them and a care package of

pantry foods i won't use on account of

the absence of Hane. Cheese! Tea!

Onion soup! An entire box of things it

would never occur to me 2 have...

Dispossessing myself of unutilised

objects as i proceed apace to opulent

simplicity. [90 days~same as Cash.]

Hardly begun^^


Sunday, March 20, 2005...can such a

drizzly cold day truly be the schtart of

Schpring? It pondres me much as i

regard my retourn to the Parish recycling

centre. Or posit the miracles & mayhem

that might accrue 2 me~it is an entirely

NEW AGE of possibilities which force up

and confront the soul's attainment.

Thus & such, the ride we pay into^

Mean=while, i only missed one lettre on

that Sunday puxxle. [if Edsel is not a 'car',

then why is 'Steamed' thus inapet?]

Read but don't exceed~~slac


cneinhorn said...

yes, spring schtarted miserably and rainy here too Slac! But better rain than schnow is what I say! ;-)


belfastcowboy75 said...

Vinegar...we used horseradish, which is cured in vinegar. I too must avoid the bingo kidnappers.

louf48 said...


slacbacmac said...

j=gal>brighter days on the horizon...
cow=boy>the brisket cures itself on repeated
boiling--ask anybody...
lou/goof>as you often say,"Huh?"

karynwiththewhy said...

I read every single silly and at times nonsensical word!!

Understood lots of it

even retained quite a bit

but here I'll just comment

I read what you writ.

~    K     a     r     y     n               yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

aynetal3 said...

it is an entirely NEW AGE of possibilities which force up and confront the soul's attainment.

WoW!  Breathes life!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Ayn & Kayy>>
just becos my countre's low again
doesn't mean i've lost any Readers.
Potery? Non=sense? fine line...

deabvt said...

Eternity! There's no

place else to go!



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