Saturday, March 26, 2005


Friday, March 25, 2005...


One of the charities called again yester

morning asking after Hane, and instead

of telling him that she wasn't here, i said,

"she's no longer with us." Blunt like a

strike to the head. {i have also used that

same frase within the past seven years

regarding the Patriarch. Simple Truth}

One really doesn't think of people as

gone until their mail stops coming and

their voices and actions become strange

irrefutable Absences. It doesn't console

one's own experience; it's just a fact, a

loss which informs the Rising Day.

Then, still, One carries on.

{and such a Grand Mystery!}


Saturday, March 26, 2005...

It's really not that hard to be buried

Alive; it happened to one of the gentle

men who lowered the matriarch into

her snowy comfort. He mentioned the

event to me that day & i remembered

having seen the Report in the local

papre. Two hours he was seculpted

before his time in someone else's

concrete chambre, as the lid and

some earth had fallen on top of him.

Sometimes, rarely, one arrives at such

an occurence well before its appointed

Day. And you can't help but tell people

about it. [if that self=same thing had

happened to me at all, it woulda been

my last day in the cemetery business!]

They don't call it Resurrection for

nothing. With earth=movers and cell

fones yet. Have i already spoken about

this? Never mind~the persons who

should be standing upright on this cool

grey Saturday are doing so, thank G.


Where in the names of Bobby Short

and Johnny Ringo was i going with

this? I am not obsessed of such things

like a Konigsberg. More=over, like

Frederic March in Inherit the Wind,

"i do not think about things that i do

not think about." Christian filosofy!

You have to borro from it sometimes.

Especially this near to a remembered

spectacular Rising Day. Allahyulyha!


Meanwhile & else, i find myself large

on the consideration of many matters.

Like an Agent of the Representatif of

the Advocate of a Person of interest in

the Proceedings of Time and Purpose.

The eye is sharp, the hand is firm, the

Heart is open. OR~as my Dad used to

say,"What we need now is strong backs

and weak minds." Naval Wisdom.

- - - - - - - -sunderificslac- - - - - - - - -



thelovetrain said...

"i do not think about things that i do not think about."


... I can dig and repeat it somewhere, if I think about it.

Good philosophying, dad.

~B'stein  @---->---

floralilia said...

ah slac - it is so comfortable here..

happy easter, mon cher!

cneinhorn said...

Happy Easter Slac...nice words today, a little over my head, but I liked them just the same.  :-)  

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, faithful Readers>>>
[oops~i deleted that lawyer comment]

uscga1995 said...

Just saw the photo of "nephew and the bear".  

Which one is the bear?


sunflowerkat321 said...

I have been busy...but just stopped by to catch up on the latest.  I hope you had a nice Easter...and are enjoying this (finally) sunny day!!

slacbacmac said...

Capsizer> your bro is the bear OR is it the
dude in the ground=fore? i scan 4 fun
SunFlowre> busy Schpring holidays? i know
i can't catch my Adipose! Blessings

uscga1995 said...

Well......I'll be sending a photo soon which you BETTER post!

This photo will put those Hallmark photos to STAND BY!

No bears, no lions.......just two young gorgeous children!


deabvt said...

Yo, sunderificslac!


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