Thursday, January 10, 2008


Monday, January Second, and6...IF yester was a Holyday AND today is a day off, what will Amorrow be?  ^reposited^ later, by a Week of two (2) years...

January 7th, and8...

Title: Places to see & People to be

Pressure: 106/60 pulse 80

Feeling: relieved the old year's gone

dreme: of mail coming to the old=haus...with cat & kids

Videre: jumbled M*A*S*H repeats on Nickelodeon®

Listening: Helter Skelter on ishpod

Weathre: faer & milder, 60°f, inverse schtream=jet

Soop: canned ones, currently

Puxxle: [i am behind of them]

Text: That^ cited Temperature is beginning to plummet, altho it's schtill mild for the Matriarch's former b'dé.  TURTLE called to remind me of it afore Noon [about nine o'clock near TAHOE]. Such a good son & such a good bro. ("Don't tase me, turtle!") KAY and i have also been Communicating--by weft and wire, by werds and waves, unto the inter=web and nearly by Pigeons...we like to keep in Touch. It's a fine sibling thing. *buss*

Why did LETTER=MAN shave his beard? i hope it wasn't something i said. Plus+, 'tweren't my idear that DOC Phil should visit BRITNEY in hospital. {Leave it to the professionals} Must be a schtrike on some=where.  There were two (2) surprises in New Hampshire, altho it's schtill way too Early to make anything of it. Truth.

For my=own=self~i walkt a long wé Today to mail a lettre & visited two (2) of my farlaid banques. The girls behind the counter love it when i make Additions to my little bean=piles; and, i like to make them Smile.  i also had a grand time purchasing a dozen (12) items in the grox=schtore where Neighbour ED used to werk.{Hane always referred to it as such..."Are you going where ED works?"} Eggs & grits & bread & sundries.  i'll keep coming to benefit where i buy the Essentials!

So=much the Time in so small a ordinary Temperature & Pressure. Twas=ever=Thus^  =slac=


gdireneoe said...

(((((((((((slac)))))))))))!  So GOOD to see you!  Hope you've been well. ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, golden one> i'm as fine as frogs' haer...
but behind of reading my Friends!  ~author~


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