Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hillary Rodham is actively banging out a PLATFORM to schtand on if & when She runs 4 President; sorry to say, We already have a woman President...Geena Davis.  (personally, the thot of Bill Clinton going back to the White House to re=decorate makes my hair itch.)^reposited from and6^ Wednesday, January 30, 2008>  Florida? Wasn't she the maid on GOOD TIMES? Never mind~the democratik results don't count. {eight years ago, it was all about the Counting & re=counting & all those Lawyers} i am so disappointed that JOHN EDWARDS the Senator has left the field...maybe JOHN EDWARDS the spiritualist charlatan will jump in?! Mean=while, Viet Nam war veteran JOHN McCAIN is going gang-busters...*wow*

MEMORIALS: i will pray for the soul of HEATH LEDGER, 'tho i am entirely unfamiliar with his werk. BOBBY FISCHER was the big loss for me; he was iconic to American Chess when i was a nursling. Too bad his latter days were so controversy ridden. {by going to SARAJEVO for a re=match with BORIS, he scantly proved that sanctions are diplomatically useless}  SUZANNE PLESHETTE was a foxy brunette...i keep track of such things. Gone too soon, gone too soon^^^

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY: my brudda BabaLoo just had a birfdé yesterdé AND the Colonel is having one Saterday; they should both Live well into the next millennium. [one can Hope?!]  Also~TONI & TODD's little girl passed her First celebration a coupla weeks ago. She's walking more than talking & that's a good thing to do, even for those who are Old and decrepit!  Evyday that G wakes you up and You haven't got a granite Pillo is a good Day! [ground=hogs Xcluded] Blessings!

MARTIAL NEWS: Nephew GROPER is wending his Way east=wise toward the Theatre of Action; he has assured us that he'll be slightly more safe than his compatriots on the Day=to=Day. i am ROOSEVELTIAN about such matters...i hate War, Eleanor hates War & iffen i had a dawg, it would hate war too. But, i have been too long and well Protected to make any complaints against honourable Service. It's a fambly thing with me to SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Truly.

Mind your shadow~there are grundsaus Afoot! ~slac~



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