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Friday, January 18th,> folloes Previously unpublisht material from last year [edited]:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007...this is the beginning of jernal [numbre]. From January 2nd through January 23rd, TURTLE and i made an extensif road=trip to see relatifs  we have hardly visited. We started with [Aunt & Cousin] in Wilmington, Delaware. In DC, we saw the national archives and Ford's Theatre before having dinner with Cousine MAISY and her betrothed. We stayed overnight with [Niece & husband] in Virginia Beach.  We then drove to [Aunt & Uncle''s] haus in Morehead City; they gave us a grand tour and kept us for three (3) days. From there, we made a quick stop to see [Cousin]...we ended up near Atlanta to karaoke with TURTLE's buddy and fambly. Then, we visited [Aunt & Uncle] for at least two (2) days. Again, a grand tour and a chance to see [Cousin] at werk in a pub. TURTLE had it in his mind to drive all the way to Key West and i did not object to his plan! [altho, i made him stop to see the Kennedy Space Center, briefly.] We saw the ERNEST HEMINGWAY haus with its polydactyl cats & we touched the Southernmost Continental point marker. Too soon, we travelled North in Florida to Gainesville to have dinner with [Cousine], her husband & BABY. (we stayed at a motel that night as the baby is only five months old and nursing.) We stayed one (1) night with [Nephew] in Pensacola and i got to dip my shins in the Gulf Of Mexico. That^ was one of the best beaches by far...We stayed over another night in Montgomery with Groper before re=visiting the [buddy]. (i drove thru Atlanta, if that can be believed.) From there, we drove to Carolina again, this time in the mountains to Asheville where [Nephew] lives with [Dad]. We got to see quite a bit of that city, including the THOMAS WOLFE home & the Grove Arcade. {THEY all woulda loved to keep us longer but we wanted to be remembered by them as good guests.} One of our last & best visits was with [Cousin & Bride] in Louisville, Kentucky. I finally got to meet two thirds (2/3) of his full=grown daughters, [Cousines]. Alas~after two (2) wonderful nights there, we crossed Ohio into Pennsy for a night south of Pittsburgh, then barrel assed across the Keystone State to [address].  I was glad to get "home" but TURTLE pretty quickly decided he'd had enuf togetherness and bolted even further North to visit MAISY & LOO. {TURTLE has the beach madness}I've tried to thank him along the Way for carrying me on his quest...and letting me drive so much on the Highways.  But, i suppose after twenty=one Days on the Road, he already knows the truth. More=over, as i was the one who drove his black beauty up to those relatif doors...wouldn't they suspect that i was the Pilot/Leader?? *pause*

Wednesday, January 31, 2007...i wandered over to osteo today but [Cat's Dad] had been released Yesterday! Oh, well, i like to visit hospitals randomly any=how. Also, i paid my rent for February; now all i have to do is raise anothre [amount] for the First of March. It's gonna be tight, no bout adoubt it. And such a cold month far from Florida. My ham soop is all put up now, just waiting for the possible retourn of TURTLE. He's crasy for soop, among othre things. It^ was all about the Authors...who's up for more time=travel? Voi├ži~

here we are

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and there you go >

Thursday, July 31, 2003

here we are

Loopy Amy Grant

Well now~here we are. I've been writing journals

for many years, so why not

try the beta and go for broke. Did i say Loopy? It's

just a thing. It's all an experiment to me...

and i get to do it just before my awol runs out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages...

HERE WE ARE and as a poet and artist i can only

say that things will only get more interesting after this Moment---

The Slackster shouts out his Regards to any and

all true wonderful persons who visit the site of

good things and thots... If this is the introduction Then imagine the


'I will remember you...' by Amy Grant is

what I'm listening to right now. And i should leaf it there 'becos Music is

also a passion of mine and there is no better way to sign off than

a good song. More and better later luvtheluv


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#6 Comment from sk8rlew

3/31/04 4:19

I came to see how you started your journal...

Entry Author slacbacmac

3/8/04 3:56


SPACE/TIME: i so much the young when

i write this. Helps 2 haf a time=machine...


#4 Comment from floralilia floralilia

3/3/04 10:52


thought i would take a walk back in wonderful is this?#3 Comment

from slacbacmac Entry Author slacbacmac

11/30/03 6:11


the Tao te Ching exposits,"one must become like the unhewn log, as fresh as

the ruddy infant." There=for, a compliment 2 be in infancy, a goal 2 be


#2 Comment from grandmumsy08 grandmumsy08

11/20/03 12:17


I decided to visit your infancy.

Whereas my posts get worse, yours get better.

this i think might have something to do with gender.

I may be wrong.

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and there you go^





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