Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wednesday, 24 January, AndSeven...  Initially, we travelled to re=establish contax with far=off relatifs. Ultimately, we moved thru the werld to discover our animal cousins. KAPPA, the shih-tzu was the most recent & the most fun. Unkadanny also has a shih-tzu named FLUFFY, who is getting on in dog=years. ANNIEBANANIE has a fine kitten called GWYNN. MOMMACAT and FURBALL live on the lake=side porch in Western Carolina...along with brazen coons and opossums. The largest m√©nagerie of the trip belonged to a friend of the Engineer who resides in rural GEORGIA; he had more cats & dogs than i could count along with roosters and chickens penned in the Yard.  To say nothing of all the othre wondrous birds & alligators i saw out of the corners of my Eyes. Well, that's^ the pet=report of the Sojourn, as near as i amember it.  ~puppies&kittensLoveSlac~

MAISY when are you heading south?

Sojourner coupla days

MAISY for how long?

Sojourner coupla weeks

MAISY who are you going to see on this journey?

Sojourner those who will have

MAISY will you be home by January 20?

Sojourner perhaps

Sojourner will advise

MAISY we're planning to visit that weekend

Sojourner yes--we know

MAISY all right

MAISY good bye for now

Sojourner love you HNY!

MAISY signed off at [time]



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