Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thursday, January 25th, and7...  ROAD=TRIP disclaimers:  Wheresoever We travelled there was good and bad news. The engineer and i were not causes of such Matters, merely witnesses as we passed thru Time and Space. This^ disclaimer includes but is not Limited to... Southern Sports Results, Unusual Weathre Patterns, general unrest in the werld at large NOR the demises of celebrities. [both of us were saddened by the losses of YVONNE DE CARLO, ART BUCHWALD & RON CAREY]  That is~we could take credit for wondrous Miracles upon the way, but we were only praying for smooth high=ways and reliable directions to our next best inflatable bedroom.  And, as the engineer said more than once,"Hey, bud...there's a black sedan in your drive=way; do you see it?"  ~slacWhoArrifesbyNight~

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