Monday, January 29, 2007


Double and re=double...  January 27, and7...Dualism?  Dichotomy?  The natural pairing of pairings in elemental memory?  I know only this~the brothers were treated to twin exposures of certain meals which schtrike me spooky. To Wit, to woo:  >we were served two (2) beef pot=roasts out of crock=pots, one in FLORIDA, anothre in KENTUCKY. Both home=made.  >we were taken to two (2) irish pubs, both in Northern Florida.  >a niece in VIRGINIA treated us to bar-b-que take=out; her very brother took us for sitdown bbq as well in ALABAMA! Yum.  >whenever i cookt breakfast, i always served the eggs in pairs, whether scrammed or fried.  [wait! i always do that^]  >there are other up=evened things which will haunt my mind later...  *The upshot of this is thus:  if you're planning your own sojourn, be prepared to recognise unplanned coincidences as mirror=images of themselves, each. Apartly and togethre^^ sumpin like dat.  ~cals~


sunflowerkat321 said...

I just caught up on the adventures of Slac and the Engineer.  Wow!  I love a good road trip....and this was a doozey!  What fun!!

Is it good to be home?!?!?

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Flowre=Sun>  It is good to be back in the Cold, kinda.
And, yes, one can't imagine the Devilment we got up to in those twenty=one
days!  All my girls should Ring in...
smooches from the ~Author~


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