Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tuesday, January 23, 2007...  Hane used to say,"I love to travel but it sure feels good to get back Home." veritas  The engineer and i just barrel=aced thru Pennsy from WEST to EAST today. I, for my part, drove thru four (4) tunnels! WE spent this past week=end with our LOUISVILLE cousins; and just afore that, WE visited Ron & Alan in ASHEVILLE...and toured anothre famous author's home. It was a long circuit, this southern sojourn of the second sons, but Glorious and Wonderful all=to. I'll write more about it as i complacent myself of the epic retourn.  PRAY, dear friends, for CAT's patriarch who is struggling mightily at the big hospital with many ailments. WE love him so...

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