Monday, February 15, 2010


For the evening when the Schnow came, i moppt the floor and

cookt a pound of capellini. {Which is a good thing allto}

Glower forgets to send Valentines; Doesn't get any Either Apologiæ

I have an almost perfect picture in my mind of Mac looking after lost

kitties in the after=life, and his Wife judging all the angelic pups before

her...when the both of them aren't busy Interceding for souls!

Happy Saint Valentine's Day, Part Two: That^ was the scmall schnay

which caused me to cut out early from werk last Saterdé...there was a

Greater One in the offing. Yes, i did watch that ballfoot game where

the SAINTS went marching in [and grappled for an onside kick].

It was the most excellent TACO SALAD which was served Tuesday,

of which i doubled up AND also took away a small package of donuts

[this^ afore the shriven Tuesdé]. Like many of the afflicted ones, i

spent more time in the Library. Wednesdé was the Great snow=day,

with Emergencies being posted in many boroughs & townships, with

buses not running at all as the flakes collected...building and burying

each other into Night-Time. Plus+, it was mighty cold as well. It

troubled me greatly to take the whole shift off, 'tho CHICAGO went

into his new werk and made good Time. JERSEY stayed ahome with

me & MIAMI came back to the hostelry after only four (4) hours.

{none of us bunkies can afford to lose time nor money} And it was

a mighty mess in the schtreets of the Walley, for sure. Wintry...

Friday found me traversing the schluschy schnowbanks from Place

to Place--trying to set my taxes aright, gleaning scant Cash for the

weekly rent AND walking as a bundled man from snowpile to snow

pile. Saterdé was a recovery in part of Lost hours and a welcome

visit from the engineer who currently werx on that plant which had

a significant accident. He^ gathered me up, with his own children,

to repast at one of those moderately priced franchise restaurants. It

was the most magnificent of Rides on a chilling February night, with

him=self asking if i was 'ready for the Visitation of the siblings' [my

Sisters & their mighty men]. i nodded my affirmatif Preparedness

acause my own girls have hardly ever knockt me down during Lent!

WE shall see what we shall see--and the week will out.

moment: i catch my feet in mid=walk...

measure: fathoms by featherings, underly

message: Altho it is cold and windedly Woeful, Schpring

is not far off at all! --end part Two, final-- *slac*

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