Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been amazed by the length & breadth of official condolences

showered upon me by functionaries...and only slightly offended by their

question,"Are you the surviving spouse?" It's like a double bolt of irony~

that, altho i did good things for a grand old gal, Her natural husband departed

her more days than 7 years ago. Then, strangely, i feel like a young pharoah

of Egypt when i admit,"I Am the Sun." Moses his=own=self didn't have such

offhanded queries! And He gave us the LAW and the seeds of prophecy!

OY~Vay. 2-7-5

Monday, February Fifth, may, in future, be posited & argued

that the Engineer & i went on our Southern Sojourn to escape the troubles

of our own Town & Time--yet it is not true! We carried them with us &

greeted them again 'pon our Retourn.

Title: perfect passage...

Thursday, February was an honour for us to carry him down,

Blade & Todd, George & Joe, the engineer and me. Blade read from

WISDOM, the engineer from ROMANS. Cat sang,"You'll Never Walk

Alone". We were a well=gathered fambly. And 'tho it was a bittercold day,

We were warmed by the werds of YESHUA: "I am the Way, the Truth

and the Life; he that believeth on me shall have life everlasting."

~brotherbearingslac~ ^posted as WIND to the WEB^

Thursday, February Forth, Twenty-Ten...there was a conveyor system

built up at the Food Pantry and the collection of pallets went Quickly.

Later, for MIAMI, i shoppt at the schtore for sugar and Ice Cremes,

butter and Peroxide...holding cinquo pesos in Abeyance for my errand.

Friday, February Fifth, Twenty-Ten...Death & Taxes...i wandered well

toward the MORAVIAN haus of worship, ostensibly to advantage my

body of doing the taxes in their common room; Yet i could not manage

to squeeze myself in! Astead, i will do them this coming Friday [L willing].

Everhow~there was a wonderful funeral service for my Friend and

customer, BOB. {WE have lost a lot of fine Souls in the coldness: the

Father of REBA, who sold jackpots at the bingo...RENE, who was a folk

singer during those same days...reclusif author J.D. SALINGER...} it was

a surprise to BLAIR the Pastoress that i attended--i informed her of my

connectedness to the body reclining. [NB: Bob was a survivor of the

battle for Iwo Jima] For the evening that the schnow was coming, i moppt

the floors & cookt a pound of capellini.

*close of Part One* ~slac~

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