Thursday, March 11, 2010


secret: i'm already eating corned

beef, that's how irish i am.

Title: Dimes From Heaven

Mood: brightening, agile

Music: ishpod, Garrison Keillor (?!)

Soop: home=made Chicken Potato

Puxxle: su doku, most often

Futurific Reposit: [edited]

Wednesday, March 19th, °8...nearly

three (3) years later & just as wet!


of the fortunate vagabonds who meandered

into that west=end COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL

arena where BILLY BLYTHE gave a speech

in favour of his wife, while reminiscing

wistfully about his own Term in Office.

Almost A Year Ago: Monday, March 16th, +9...

On my way to werk Saterdé, i found a

dollar on the pavement outside the grox

schtore. And as much as i wanted to cram

it in my own pocket, i lookt around and

askt after two women if they'd lost one.

Sure enuf, the woman just getting into

her auto had droppt it. Honesty--i'll haf

to keep cultivating it for the time being.

Modern Times: Thursday, March 11th, 2o-1o...

Lately i've been finding dimes in the schtreet,

four in one week! {is it becos they are so much

smaller and lighter than pennies to lose?} It was

nice enuf Sunday to take the bicycle out for a

schpin; it'll be awhile until i get back into the

habit of riding it regularly, daily. That night,

there was a wonderful party in Honour of ROCKY's

birfdé at the delicatessen inside the casino. WE

were nine funny people [Honoree, Father, Mother,

Grandmother, Brother, Uncle and three friends] to

our lovely Waitress, SHERI. It was quite schpexial.

{altho i nearly forgot my go=box of corned beef}

The Yard is filling up with regulars, building

toward the frenetics of the Full season. As ever,

they are happy to see me, schtill holding forth in

my cozy boof. At the bunkhaus, meantime, the lovely

Kenyan woman moved to anothre place AND the Concierge

replaced her with a male tenant from one of his othre

buildings. [his^ room is getting a mild up=grade.]

Out=of=doors? Small flowers! Squirls looking for their

nuts! The chirps [and 'tweets'] of retourning birds!

i hope i can remembre to set my clock forward on

Saterday night. ~slac~

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