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"plot" [edited] with addixional material>>

And yet, and yet. Cold bears down & the schnow is coming.

Days to accomplish, nights to rest~What else is there?

It was a cold & snowy day. [HANE] was lowered by two nice

gentlemen--I was glad to meet them. ^reposited from and5^

My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble betwixt the

BAFFIN BAY and the GANGES DELTA--with scant ionised

visits in the form of Rain.

Friday, January 16th, zed9--sometimes you land on the

run=way, sometimes you ditch in the Hudson and all hands are

Saved. This was a New Year, New York miracle and a brightshine

of good news in a season of bad news coverage.

~cold=snap surviving~slac~

Friday, January 18th, 2008 [edited]:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007--From January 2nd through

January 23rd, TURTLE and i made an extensif road=trip

to see relatifs we have [rarely] visited--

I've tried to thank him along the Way for carrying me on

his quest--and letting me drive so much on the Highways.

But, i suppose after twenty=one Days on the Road, he

already knows the truth. More=over, as i was the one who

drove his black beauty up to those relatif doors--wouldn't

they suspect that i was the Pilot?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007--i wandered over to osteo

today but [Cat's Dad] had been released Yesterday! Oh,

well, i like to visit hospitals randomly any=how. Also, i paid

my rent for February; now all i have to do is raise anothre

[amount] for the First of March. It's gonna be tight,

no bout adoubt it. And such a cold month too--so far from

Florida. My ham soop is all put up now--

who's up for more time=travel? Voiçi~

Thursday, July 31, 2003

here we are

Loopy Amy Grant

Well now~here we are. I've been writing journals for many

years, so why not try the beta and go for broke. Did i say Loopy?

It's just a thing. It's all an experiment to me and i get to do

it just before my awol runs out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages--

HERE WE ARE and as a poet and artist i can only say that things

will only get more interesting after this Moment.

The Slackster shouts out his Regards to any and all true

wonderful persons who visit the site of good things and thots.

If this is the introduction Then imagine the possibilities!

'I will remember you' by Amy Grant is what I'm listening to

right now. And i should leaf it there 'becos Music is also a

passion of mine and there is no better way to sign off than [with]

a good song. More and better later luvtheluv


This entry has 6 comments:

#6 Comment from sk8rlew:

3/31/04 4:19

I came to see how you started your journal

Entry Author slacbacmac:

3/8/04 3:56

SPACE/TIME: i so much the young when

i write this. Helps 2 haf a time=machine


#4 Comment from floralilia:

3/3/04 10:52

thought i would take a walk back in time--.

how wonderful is this?

#3 Comment

from Author slacbacmac:

11/30/03 6:11

the Tao te Ching exposits,"one must become like the unhewn

log, as fresh as the ruddy infant." There=for, a compliment

2 be in infancy, a goal 2 be unhewn.

#2 Comment from grandmumsy08:

11/20/03 12:17

I decided to visit your infancy.

Whereas my posts get worse, yours get better.

this i think might have something to do with gender.

I may be wrong.


and there you go^

^posted as jklm to the inter=web, mood: Nostalgic

while mourning Bobby [Fischer] & Suzanne [Pleshette]^

Tuèsdé, January 20th, +9--

i shall fondly regret, someday, that i did

not join three million (3,000,000) people

in the cold capital for the Installation of

the fo'ty=fo'th President. But i can tell

all my friends that i had the ring=side seat

via that tele=video thang. Thanx, C-Span.

--As for the remainder of the GATHERINGness,

i join in their Joy of the wondrous moment.

They is my bruddas & sistas, all one percent

of them--witnessing dreamlike History.

Amorro will be Bright i am certain, after

the gracious Partay. Peaceful transition,

and VOTE in the next elect~slac~

^publisht as join to Slacktown^

Sunday, January 17th, 20-10--the Concierge/Hotelier is

surely a force of Nature. He has removed the non-working

clothes warsher AND waxt the folloing floors: the sunroom

[where the 'kitchen sink' is], the shunky [water closet]

and the kitchen [where the range is]. It was a minor

upheaval for the bunkies. While i was at the colonial

cherch, a pretty young thing named CHRISTINE askt me if

i was going to come back. "I'm sure I will,"i said.

{it just mayn't be each and every Sunday, consistently}

Nomenclature! The haus is at full capacity with full

employment, i.e., everyone has a job of some duration. It

occurred to me recently that i could Name all the roomies

by geografical distribution, so here goes: The frontman

could be called MIAMI from his city of origin. Roomy#2

can be signified JERSEY and the woman we rarely see

downstairs might answer to CARIBE [she's an island girl].

Roomy#5 could rightly be named CHICAGO while the newest

resident fair lady seems to be an ALGERIA [French African].

i'll use these Names for awhile until i think of bettre

ones. {G forbid i should use Real and Xian titles on a

public glow} They might refer to me as The NATIVE.

Tuesday, i walkt my bicycle into the nearest cherch

cellar where, aprés Matins, SCOTT filled both tires with

aer. After which~both tires deflated again at odd rates.

That was the Day i luncht at the Soop Kitchen only to

acquire Crumb Coffee Cake for MIAMI...who cleaned the whole

haus kitchen around the breakfast Hour. After my ham bean

lunch, i Visited the ART SKOOL and remembered to submit my

Food Schtamp Survey to the provincial assistance Office.

Wednesday night, after a cold and lonely day of GreenWerk

on the Parish Yard, i fixt myself a handful of K=dogs.

That was also the morning that i trimmed my wild and woolly

wintre beard. {i'll soon tire of clipping and shave her down

to schmooth wigga skin} The beard itself doesn't warm me.

It was yust me and the Pastor on Thursday, and he allowed

me to tote in the bike [only one tire had flattened]. Later,

i wandered all=round town for nearly nothing...CHICAGO had

the bettre day of it, finding and securing his new job. IT

was Xactly what i'd been praying over since he first askt

me to score him sanctified water from my cherch of Origin.

{there is invisible threads on each Horizon} Aday, after

the Litany, SCOTT fixt both my bike=tires for good & all.

One became patcht and the other was tube replaced [that

leak was on the schtem]. i owe him much for being such a

good WHEELMAN to the Presbytry, as othres do as well. My

ham soop is nearly finisht from neglect Acause JERSEY coox

most wonderful chicken evry Night [fried OR rotisserie].

Imagine my Life iffen i had not hadn't to've Moved into the

Heart of Town! i might could've been setting scarce and

lonely on that high hill so near to Columbian Knights...

without a maus to look after as it runs between the homes.

But now~i am improving Community by being ever present.

A city without limits? Maybe. ~utilisable~slac~

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