Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My wintre=beard is trimmed and the FrontMan has gifted me an

insulated groxery bag. What othre wonderments may occur?

~vocable slac~ ^posted as smax to slacktown & spacemy^

Lutheran coffee...Episcopalian flowres...Soop 4 roomy#2

Tonight, i shall dream of Miracles. 29 December, and4

Thot: "There's a fine=line between Cooking and wholesale


Title: Wintre Only Lasts So Long

Mood: slightly chilled but delighting in the wintre wondreland

Food: pork und sauerkraut mit mein sister=in=law [1-1-10]

Noise: Thriller, All Things Must Pass, Dave Brubeck [ishpod]

Vision: Beautiful time! Yet~where did the 'ands' go? it's 2o-1o...

Text: Who's to say who's on and who's off? i droppt in on my

Supervisor yesterdé and she told me i was to have normal hours

throughout the year. Great news! Altho, the sign on my gate still

reads of curtailed Days and Times. {i'll haf to cast back my app

for unemployment which the Keystoners can't afford anyway}

On New Year's Day, the hotelier came through & thoroughly

cleaned the common areas. A fresh start. The feast at CAT's

haus was also a grand Beginning, what with the porkloin and

cookt sauerkraut, freshly masht potatoes, kielbasas & squash.

{i almost could not finish my piece of Jane's strawberry and

rhubarb cake} Let's not forget the applespice wine and leaded

coffee. Up=the=full we seven (7) ate while amateurs schlept.

On Sunday [1-3-1o], i cookt a ham dinner for four with the

twenty pound ham which the Frontman received as a holiday

bonus. [He had said,"You Americans make a good ham dinner."]

My sides were simple and hearty: boiled quartered red potatoes

with fresh parsley, simmered green beans and garlic bread. The

bunkies enjoyed it completely...altho there is much meat overleft.

{i may never get Portly until i learn to make desserts.}

Enuf about masticating while the bittre, brutal, windy Arctic cold

bites into January like a fierce beast! The water=bottles in my

boof were frozen solid when i got to werk Yesterdé; and bundled

in my bindle i was more than fortunate to receive a 'tote home'

from one of the Public Werkers. [The very man who placed that^

shack on its cozy corner of Our werld] Yet, as cold as is, i dress

for the Weather as my Father taught me--layer upon layer and

covered up from top to toes like a walking talking mattress!

Aday, amorning, WE were eight (8) at AnteCommunion folloed

by a right-leaning roundtable of modern Occurences. {i gently

reminded the Pastor that there is an 'ess' at the end of the Name

of a certain prominent Golfer} My laundry is most done, especially

the good thermals from my Sister. Days are actually lengthening.

And othre schtuff~slac~

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