Thursday, May 7, 2009


TITLE: «Fruits of the Spirit»

WEATHRE: sun comes out, 80°

MOOD: Brightly poor & Poorly bright
MUSIK: country on a portable radio

owned by a soop kitchen Visitor...

NOISE: the conversations of connected

Life, in every place i visited

SOOP: boiling new chicken bones

THOT: «The only thing werse than kiting

a cheque is not having enuf to do it.»

TEXT: What?! it's May (5) already, with all

the concommitant flowry Necessitudes? i

barely & rarely got out of April alive...

HAPPY Cinco de Mayo--i myself was doing

the employment seminar at the Central

Career Centre in the drixxly afternoon.

Thursday, May 7th,+9...a National Day of

Prayer & Maisy's natural berfdé, Youngly.

Amorning, i droppt into the BUSINESS skool

and met MIKE. [he invited me to Admit, but

i was Xploratory] Accidently, around NOON,
i witnesst the beginnings of the Prayer
Service on 7th Avenue...a member of the
CLEAN TEAM gave me a brown bag filled with
Two apples and two oranges. {i have a look}
Lunch at the kitchen consisted of TUNA
sandwiches, green salad, slaw & dessert
with beverages. [the Angels always serve
milk, cold tea & coffee; i take one tea.]
As i finisht my cafeterium, i gave away
one each of my Fruit to a Companion, while
packing a banana and a browny in my bindle.
{There is grand Fellowship in these places,
and shared Mercies all=to; it hurts my
Heart that some children have to receive
their nourishment at these tables} The
sun of G & J continued to peek out as i
made my way to the Liberry. There, i checkt
my 'Growing' resources on the high=schpeed.
[the Page of the career centre And the two
Temp agencies i recently joined...] Then,
i multi=bussed Northwesterly with twists
toward the Corporate centre which hauses
anothre set of Temp agencies. {i tend to do
the FTFs acause i enjoy meeting people and
getting the Lay=of=the=Land} One primary
woman was more than kind to tell me,"WE
have more Clients than Assignments; call
back and keep trying." G Bless her!
It is also a fine thing that i am werking
from Having a situation as i try to acquire
additional Purposes, while so many
Persons are beginning Afresh!

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sunflowerkat321 said...

I am back visiting after a hiatus from the blog world....and the valley.

In Allentown for the weekend. It's both strange and wonderful to be "home".

I've missed you!



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