Saturday, April 18, 2009


What a small werld filled with schtrange

wonders! The Somalian pirates did not at

all come to a good end, this time round.

«Crime doesn't pay.» The man who was the

voice of the Phillies collapsed in a boof

in the Columbian District and later went

to that dream=field in the sky; he is, in

his own werds,"outtaHere!" The OBAMA girls

have got their puppy and have named it Bo.

[one more lettre & it woulda had one of my

Names which i share with a departed bassett

hound.] What is a Portugese water dog anyhow?

Does it fetch water OR does it schwim in it?

These^ are awesome and befuddling things.

Tuesdé, Avril 14th, °9...Amorning, i took

a showre to walk in a drixxle. That is, it

is schtill hat and hoody weathre hereabouts.

Thursdé, Avril 16th, °9...i did Not enjoin

the tea party protests for multiple reasons.

(1) my TAXES are already come and gone.

(2) i had to werk--it's a thing with me.

(3) i'm a habitual UnJoiner of fanciful fads

and flavourful redounding Politicle exploits.

It's perfectly fine for othre Citizens to

paricipate in these wondrements & more Power

to them; i prefer to labour quietly in the


, making small bright Changes.

(4) tea is not a Symbolic beverage for me.

It's like 6th on my list for EITHER drinking

OR tossing into the nearest way=water...

Saturday, April 18th, +9...i got up to much


yesterdé, most if All of it toward

propre results. It was a lovely day to move

with my Compatriots on the Walley buses.

Aday~it was the most beautifull breexy Yet

shiny=sun Occurence of workingness; that is,

i got schlammed from morning to evening with

ALL the yardwaste that my clients in the

Parish could bring along. Five (5) roll=offs


in the brightness of a Spring dé.

MONICA [my good schweeping partner of auld]

Visited at noon while i 'directed Traffic'

and friend GARY brot me a chocolate shake

with two (2) double cheeburgers at 2:30.

Needles=to=say, i didn't really tune in my

Radidio until the Sun had nearly settled.

Amorro, i'll cherch up somewhere and compose

the week to come...Upward & Onwise. ~slac~

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