Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tuesday, May 19th, +9...this might could

be the Last primary where i vote of a

certain party afore switching back to

anothre certain party. Yet, acause i haf

been playing in the majors, i can schtill

count my=self as a Super=Voter! [since '88

when i was Young and impressionable...]

I was #39 at my actual polling station, but

i had chances of the day to pass a numbre

of othres. Like the County Centre as i was

downtown & like the Lutheran cherch where

i hold partial membership. *There weren't

no lines at none of them; come on People,

it's not evyday we get to re=elect OR

un=elect a sitting MAYOR.* And on such a

bright dé chust after the mid=May frost?!

BLANCA at the Welfare Department was kind

to help me drop off my papre=werk toward

my case initiator; NOEMI was nice to sell

me some 2¢ schtamps at the post office.

{Would that i had anything good to mail to

anyone} Some=one on the soopline askt one

of the funtionaries about the Menu and he

replied,"Whatever it is, it'll be Warm and

Mushy...just watch out for the Piranhas!"

He was referring to the good people who

Come early to sort thru the offerings of


on the Xian Bread table. {YESHUA is

gratefull that the lambs still come for

the Multiplication of Loaves!} Bless the

bright dé. The library was Closed for the

elexion, and it might could be a Polling

station it=self...so i Meditated briefly

in the Park where IGNATZ GRESSER schtands

his watch. There were children evywhere i

went, learning Life & Liberty & the Pursuit

of Happyness--for such as these^ i Vote in

this participatory Xperiment during the

receding epochal Depression. Future!


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