Sunday, April 12, 2009


As chilly as it is here and elsewhere,

i take heart of the Redemptif days.

^reposited from two (2) years Agone^

Tuesday, Avril 7th, and9...Aday, i took

my Lunch at the soop kitchen, acause

that^ was where i found my=self. And it

was an enriching experience. Here comes

the prologue: last Fridé, i cleaned up

and walkt in the rain to get a haer=cut.

The barber also schpritzt my wings afore

cutting them, making my sartorial trip

a sort of Baptism. After the grox run,

and later that evening, my outgoing

fone=service was suspended. The 'pooter

makes funny noises when it can't connect.

Saterdé, i rode the J to the Cedar-mall

with my friend who werx at the boxstore.

i chekt my Pressure [114/75p72] at the


and submitted an Application for

werk to NATHAN. The Yard was both busy

and brutally windy. {sow on the breeze,

reap the whirl=wind} Kay and Harry pickt

me up at closing and toted me to the

Steakhaus for dinner with Maisy and her

man [BabaLoo]. This^ was a grand weekend

for my Sisters to visit, coming as they

did for a form of emotional rescue...

SUN=DAY was the more Perfect time of all

to breakfast at Our favourite greek diner,

to confabulate over my Troubles, to walk

around Turtle's lake and through the Rose

Garten & to dine yet again at anothre of

Our town steakhauses! {comes the Day when

i shall Schpring for meals & BabaLoo won't

grumble of Us being 'in a rut'} Sunshine.

There were also some ballbasket games

going on during the Visitaxn and i am


that my nearest Sister misst

some of the Action. «Is it schtill march

madness if it laps over into April?»

Mondé, it flurried fiercely over the

girls' departure and my commute; i tried

Valiantly from the boof to restore my

home=fone. Oddly~it takes a fone to fix

a fone, kinda like it takes a job to get

a job. Life! Profundity! Small miracles!


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