Friday, March 20, 2009


title: "Under the Cliff"

Movie parafrase: GENE WILDER goes to ZERO

MOSTEL,"It's quite possible to make more

money with a flop than a hit...You did it

yourself, but on a very small scale."

Random adages: The one who digs a pit may

very well fall into it. The one who works

with heavy stones must watch that the feet
are not crusht; the worker-of-wood should

be careful of the fingres. Nicer a slice of

bread in a quiet tent than an audacious

feast in a quarreling Mansion. And...the

lowly one is abandoned by the nearest kin,

but the well-to-do abound with friends.

It takes money to lose money. Poverty is

ennobling; it's a royal tail pain.

Good news can wait and bad news never

departs. ELO: "Don't Bring me Down"

Thursday, March 19th, °, this is

what it's like to be two (2) months behind

of every=thing! i shoulda learnt this crud

about twenty (20) years ago, when i was

schtill an Adolescent. Alas~i chose freely

to pass thru a more convoluted gate=way.

Friday, March 20th, °9...To=Day was a day.

'Twas fearsome & awesome & begin of spring.

There was an onion schnay when i trundled

uptown to the Credit Union, the County

Government Centre, a staffing agency And

the Library. The werld is filled with ones

like me, struggling mightily to make it

from moment to moment. And on CAT's b'dé

yet. Schtill~the sun came out post NOON

on the People in line for custard & ices.

At 'home' with my bindle, the LandLord was

waiting on the schtoop of his building, to


the empty Apartment to a fambly of
three. HE was, and is, justifiably upset

with me for causing him troubles...

{i must schtrap on my Armour & slay all the

dragons in my Path} Amorro, at werk, i will

my Customers, fill the Dumpsters®

and Make right All the things which once

went wrong. [QUANTUM LEAP^] ~slac~

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