Tuesday, February 13, 2007


February 13, 2007...On the whole, i'd rathre be on JUPITER. I mean, in Jupiter, Florida.  I've been to the planet.^ Ask anybody.  The schnow is coming down in Fluffies!  Oh, well~other persons have it werse & werse.  And it's not like me or the ENGINEER have to clear the walk=sides. That's far behind the present Circumstance. Veritably. Luckily, we have provisions laid in until WASHINGTON's actual birf=day. WE want for Nothing.

HAPPY SAINT VALENTINE's to all my gals!  Roses are on the way, but would you Rather be smooched in OR schnowed in? Just asking...Have a nice chunk of DARK CHOCOLATE as a simulcrum. I'll fold the hort until confluence.         ~flavanolSlacanol~

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