Saturday, February 3, 2007


Saturday, February 3rd, And7... Cat's dad is now doing that heavy lifting i have seen before. And just as graciously as others, i would add. WE can pray for scant longevity and Hope earnestly for peaceful Comfort. That  is the Way in such days...he is not complaining of his trials. His fambly [my second or third] is gathered around him...his lovely attendant wife, the son and daughters of his vibrant youth.  TONI has brot to him an adopted Grand girl full of newness, which is a miracle of its own fair kind. I love them all...  ~prayerfulslac~

Hi to the Adventurers.

Hope your trip is going well. We are back in the thick of work and etcetera...

We will be [state=side] starting [date] leaving [date]. Most of the time

will be spent packing up the Condo to move onto the "solarium" until the renovation

is finished.




Too cute Babe! Engineer & i have made it to Florida on our grand Excursion...

Love, boo


Subject: 12/1/2006 [time]

Dear Maisy and Boo,

Handsome boy=friend just before we stepped out on New Year's Eve. More later.



babaloo Welcome home!

co=pilot thanx

babaloo rested up and laundry done?

co=pilot ...

co=pilot did laundry on the way!

babaloo /SMILEY/

co=pilot rested & clean all=to

babaloo got lots of new journal info to write about?

co=pilot mayhaps

babaloo ok then...

co=pilot wonderful trip...seeyasoon

babaloo're coming this way?

co=pilot not north in Winter!

babaloo ook

co=pilot smooch maisy

babaloo /SMILEY/

co=pilot lata

babaloo Engineer is here!

slac i knew it!

babaloo how you know that?

slac spect he travels as well as me

babaloo hee hee ok

slac entertain him much

babaloo will do

babaloo what are you doing this week?

slac schtaying warm

babaloo we walked the beach today....very nice

slac not as nice as some...

babaloo what are you doing this week?

slac double question

babaloo and still no answer!

babaloo so

babaloo what are you doing this week?

slac all=the=all

babaloo speaking in riddles

slac what are you doing?

babaloo dunno yet

babaloo nothing planned

slac entertain my pilot^

babaloo or he can entertain us

babaloo what are you doing this week?

slac lying low, goof

babaloo under the radar

slac thereyago

babaloo sleeping much

babaloo drinking more

slac none=of=abof

babaloo yah right!

slac chekyalata

babaloo see ya


Dad's at [hospital] on [Street] in Room 209.

They want to send him back to Nursing Home but that hasn't happened yet.

He's having a lot of trouble breathing due to the congestive heart failure.

^Brother^ is still here and spending time with Toni, Kendra (the new baby) and Dad.

Mom has a bad cold. Other than that, things are the same. Blade's back at school.

Rocky's working in [city].



thanks babe---

i don't know about all that...i've been on the road!

Never mind---what i meant to say is that i've missed you=all & i need to

upcatch on the news.

Is Dad ok? Is ^Brother^ schtill brilliant? How's evybody holding up all=to?

Bim's gone to see Maisy for a few days & i miss Florida already!

[amembre, i've never been there til now.] Fill me in, smooch the kids,

including the newborn,

all=the=love until i hear of good Upholstery,


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Boo,

I can hardly wait to hear of your adventures...

very interested to hear the latest news of Cousin Maisy,

Did you meet [betrothed]??? Will she continue to live in [city]??

Also curious about ^son^ and ex=husband. And, how are RM and T doing?

I am hoping that ^son^ will wish to attend the wedding.

Mayhaps you would like to room with him….might even be possible to get the three

suave and debonair gentlemen (you, Engineer and ^son^) in one room… I’ll keep you

in mind when making reservations.

I’m off to Budapest for two days. On Saturday we are hosting our crew

for Burn’s Night Supper here.




From: Slac

Sent: [date/time]

To: Kay

Subject: Adventurers/Sojourners...

Remind me to say nothing bad of Florida.

It was b'ful & brilliant, even for a Virgin.

i have many secret=schtories to tell you of the Man you left behind [ex=husband].

Suffice it that he is schtill too much like me. Yet--as hard as try, we love you more!

Save message at will you's cold in town now and i am trying to

resettle my mind again from Entertaining the Engineer. askmelata,

smooch boy=friend, loveya,

a recent sojourner

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

>most recent IMP from babaloo> february fifth, and7...

babaloo wassup?

~attendant> Cat's dad is gone

babaloo awwww

~attendant> sending e=mails of news

babaloo ok good

babaloo how is Cat?

~attendant> good the other day...haven't spoke yet

babaloo how do you know?

~attendant> only got news from Engineer when it happened^^

babaloo Engineer still in area?

~attendant> yes--he remained for the good

~attendant> chekmelata

babaloo where is Engineer?

~attendant> with his own

babaloo ???

~attendant> fambly-us-in town!

babaloo is he with Cat?

babaloo is he with you?

babaloo is he alone in hotel?

babaloo is he with his kids?

~attendant> dunno--all things evrywhere

babaloo ok whatever

~attendant> keep you apprised

babaloo ok

~attendant> smooch maisy

babaloo ok

~attendant> amorro

babaloo ok

~attendant> --soon--

babaloo ok

^^IMPs & Lettres edited for Nomenclature, Import & general informaxn^^

~Author/Recipient~ February 2007...



sunflowerkat321 said...

Thankfully, those who love him are with him.

slacbacmac said...

Blessings, flowre=sun>  Today he travels with Angels...
Too soon, yes, but well deserved.  I may write of it
Amorro           ~Author~


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