Saturday, March 4, 2006


03/03/06...Friday or there=abouts...

There's a dispensation in Canonical Law for

busy persons to sometimes eat meat...

Heck & High Water! i'm boiling chicken bones

for SOOP when i'm not shredding papers.

It's a wonderment i remember to warsh my

scraggly beard & run my woolies through the

LAUNDROMAT...then field those perfect fone

calls from the engineer and the ever lovely

lizard. Never mind~i adhere to the Faiths of

my Progenitors whenever humanly possible.

THEY did it; so can i. ^ Xian prolog^

TITLE: a cold wind blows...

MOOD: hardly hirsute...

NOISE: the scritchedy hard=drive...


3/4/6 If i were the complaining type

[which i ain't], i woulda noticed three (3) things

about the "Provider":

>The price went up...

>No sooner do i clear my in=box than it is

filled half=way again with Junk [not spam]...

>There are still adverts on top of my page!

Granted, in a werld of turmoil, these are small

infractions. YET~they can settle on the clear

mind like so many annoying spidre=eggs.

^End of non=complaint^

NATIONAL News: WALMART decides to allow

customers to fill prescriptions for RU486.

[editorial note: if you're doing your fambly

planning @ a discount chain=schtore, you might

could revise your entire werld View. Perhaps.]

CONGRESS makes busy in off-election Year.

[Twas ever Thus~REGISTER to Vote! People in

restive nations are counting on our best Effort.]

LOCAL News: Michener Art Museum gets

$6 million from couple's estate. [they] loved to

paint but never told anyone of their desire to

support art in Bucks County in such a substantial

way...the couple left an estate of more than $20

million, which they amassed through prudent

investing. (Virginia, retired college professor, 94,

died in 2003; William, retired engineer, died in

October @ the age of 95.) -Hal Marcovitz

In the nature of de mortuis nil nisi bonum, i can

only Posit three (3) things:

>i apparently live in the wrong County...

>as an artist, i shoulda met one of these b'ful

people at least once...

>Artist/Engineers live a good, long Time to be

such bright Angels & prudent investors...

Would that we were all so Careful!



sunflowerkat321 said...

Something for everyone to ponder here today!


gdireneoe said...

Slac doll?!!!  Are YOU in Bucks County?  OMG!  That's where my family is!  No way! ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>> The epical Ponderance is that i was born &
bourne more NorthWard than the Artists' Colony...yet i shine
bright where i am placed. *smooches, my lovelies* ~Author~


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