Tuesday, March 7, 2006


07 March, 2006...

Thot: «i am remiss of much &

ought to be scolded frequently»

There's a Happy Happy Joy Joy

coming for one of Hane's favoured

ones...The doctors in Hospital were

often perturbed when my niece

Rocky entered those rooms and

the MATRIARCH her=self would sit

bolted upright like a cured leper

from the Testaments! Miraculous

child, first=born of Cat & cleaved to

Hane like an earthbound Angel. For

all her [Rocky's] wild beauty, she

astounds me still...i want HER for my

own best Advocate. Veritas

It was twenty=five (25) years ago,

last month, when i schtood for the

engineer at the Altar of Cat's cherch

and aided them in pledging their

troth. [no worries, i was but a Toddler]

Yet, if it had come 2 it, i woulda

married her myself with Heavenly

substitution. {And, now, where might

we be?!!} Fortunately, BIM had all the

guts & gumption to make it so...And

such a good Party we had! Silver in

my eyes, those perfect passing days.

At times, i am remembering only what

i catch in printed pictures, coming from

each austere source as i find them. In

some cases i wasn't even there, OR far

too busy providing the best Party...and

othre Times, i simply Missed out on

account of my own diverted attentions.

Birthings! Marriages! Burials! Such grand

things in LIFE to see & feel as the spirit

moves...which Fambly Loves^^


gdireneoe said...

Oh hon'...I'm deeply connected to my family too...wonderful.  You didn't answer, btw...are you in Bucks County too? ;)  C.  http;//journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

slacbacmac said...

Smooch, o belled One, but Not in that County...
HOLY CRUD! Has the monster re=justified me Yet Again?
Never Mind--it's just a thing. ~AUTHOR~

deabvt said...

She`s a real Beauty!

Erin Go Braugh!



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