Saturday, February 18, 2006


Friday, February 17, 2006...

Gubernatorial candidate only Votes

in 4/9ths of State=Wide Elections

[but we'll forgif him acause he's a

foot=ball Hero] Many voters cannot

even schpell gubernatorial...

Glower forgets to send Valentines;

Doesn't get any Either ApologiƦ

National & Local Airports on high

alert for all incoming extraditables

Torino thot to be model of car except

by Olympic enthusiasts...

And that's^ the slac=news, mostly

THOT: "i'd live in a trailer if the

Administration weren't hoarding them."


Saturday, February 18, 2006...

eureka! Here's another wedding foto^

from the mists of History. {It seems the

good schtuff is BURIED under detritus}

"Mixed Media", Bim calls it. Yet~only

every 8th or 9th thing is werth even

looking at. Like a half=used bottle of

donnatal lying on the bottom of one

of those schteel file boxes. Explains

some of the naps Hane used to take

just after lunch. de mortuis nil nisi

bonum... OH~and just in time for

Presidents' Day, a prayer card 4 JFK.

[smaller & smaller things] Hold the

best & shred the rest~archivoslac

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