Tuesday, February 21, 2006


February 21, 2006...LOTTO SCHMOTTO!

i'd like my dollar ($1) back; i've never even

been to Nebraska. [the news=people are

using surveillance footage to figger out who

purchased that ball=power ticket...talk about

unnecessary EAVESDROPPING!] Never mind,

i hope they take the annuity option and put

the money to good purpose. G bless 'em^

Fambly Mystery Solved! There are No extra

spurious A's in the natural name, Catherine.

She was born & baptised just as you see it,

regardless of the DIOCESAN cherch title.

Or the saintliness which accrues to her, come

what may. I busted anothre perfectly good

metal file=box with a claw=hammer to find

the Truth of the matter. Regardless of that^

we'll continue to address her as KATE...it's

shorter & percussif. Six (6) pounds, Fourteen

(14) ounces & 18.5 inches long @ 0501 AM

near the circle cottage---she couldn't Wait to

get into this crasy werld with all that Hair.

The Year? i'm not gonna divulge that. My b'ful

seesters know how young they are! *smack*

And speaking of hair---Why is it that nearly

none of us boys can cultivate a decent Beard

or Moustache? It all grows good below the hip

and above the eye=ball if even in all the wrong

colours. It pondres me genetically. But i'm gonna

try, one more time, to look as scraggedly as i have

a chance to do. {The razor is only a basin Away.}


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Slac...Great Pics!


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