Wednesday, July 30, 2003

here we are

Well now==here we are.  I've been writing journals for many years, so why not try the beta and go for broke.  Did i say Loopy? It's

just a thing.  It's all an experiment to me...

and i get to do it just before my awol runs out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages...

HERE WE ARE and as a poet and artist i can only

say that things will only get more interesting after this Moment----------

The Slackster shouts out his Regards to any and

all true wonderful persons who visit  the site of

good things and thots...    If this is the introduction Then imagine the possibilities!

     'I will remember you...'  by Amy Grant is

what I'm listening to right now.  And i should leaf it there 'becos Music is also a passion of mine and there is no better way to sign off than

a good song.   More and better later   luvtheluv



slacbacmac said...

nota bene---this is the very first entry. Screw these pop=ups!

grandmumsy08 said...

I decided to visit your infancy.

Whereas my posts get worse, yours get better.

this i think might have something to do with gender.

I may be wrong.


slacbacmac said...

the Tao te Ching exposits,"one must become like the unhewn log, as fresh as
the ruddy infant." There=for, a compliment 2 be in infancy, a goal 2 be unhewn.

floralilia said...

thought i would take a walk back in wonderful is this?

slacbacmac said...

SPACE/TIME: i am so much the young when
i write this. Helps 2 haf a time=machine...

sk8rlew said...

I came to see how you started your journal.......


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