Monday, April 19, 2010


(1) my TAXES are already come and gone.

(2) i haf to werk--it's a thing with me.

(3) i'm an habitual UnJoiner of fanciful fads

and flavourful redounding Politicle exploits.

(4) tea is not a Symbolic beverage for me.

(5) TITLE: «Two of Every=Thing, Nothing Lost»

TEMP: 40s and venti, less than Schpringlike

MUSIK: ambient, until Genie sends me unotro IshPod

SCRIP: antitheticle bumpre schtickres~«BORN OK THE FIRST

TIME/Fish Don't Walk and Jesus Still Lives»

NOISE: from every room a different channel...

OCCUPANCY: 117%, owing to JERSEY's friend, avisiting

PRESSURE: pulsing 65 bpm Without meds, 118/79

FOOD: MIAMI let me taste his fast cookt sausage/shrimp

TEXT: Sunday, April 18th, 2o1o...On Wednesday, that

Customer who brang grass Apologised on his retourn. i

musta made an Impression--one that should carry me forth

against further contraband. El Camino RON brot me two (2)

sodas as he offloaded many pine branches...the girl who

signs my PayStubs ferried me Home at the close of gates.

[the Bethel bunky gave us all tacos; CHICAGO ate Pizza]

Thor'sdé was a day of scarcity--my voice was the only

echo for the pastor of the PRESBYTRY...and my coin was less

than i could lend to MIAMI for anything. Yet~WE all went

forwise into the werld of werk and came out t'othre end.

i made a point my=self of defrosting the rented Fridge. [i

coulda built an igloo on the curb] Friday was a day of much

bettre Attending! There were seven (7) for the litany, just

three short of a minion; the refreshment of the food=bank

was nearly Perfect in its numbre of nine (9) or thereof.

{every minion calls for a recitation of the Prayer: HaRuch

Adhonai} Regardless of much, i collected my newsprints

from PEARL at the market, paid my rent through the Pawnshop

and warsht my sheets and jeans for the week up=present.

The light in the hallway has been too much--even though

the electricity within JERSEY's hut went out just over the

Visitation of his net=friend SARAH [just met]. It's a pain

in the prison to live in such a variable bunkhaus, with all

its drama. id est, i'd rathre Live here than anyplace else,

as yet. Sister AMY askt after me this morning, like i was

an afflicted one, But i preferred to Comment on her bright

blonde high=lights & to ask aftre Her four month infant!

Connexions! WE are all taking Care of each othre, everyOne.

What other Cause is there? ~jointed slac~

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